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Nine streams of water temperature spring water paradise

Nine shares of water hot spring is located in Hezhang County, Liuqu River Town, where the nine shares of water from the ground gushing into a river and named nine shares of water. Here a pleasant climate, beautiful environment, convenient transportation, 16 kilometers from the county, close to the 212 provincial highway. The hot spring drilled water on April 22, 2016, with a well depth of 1180 meters, an artesian water volume of 2800 cubic meters/day, and a water outlet temperature of 53 ℃. The hot spring is taken from a thousand-year-old ancient water 1180 meters deep underground. After inspection and testing, the hot spring water is colorless, tasteless, and the water quality is excellent. The content of metasilicic acid exceeds the national medical mineral water quality standard, and the content of strontium and fluorine reaches the national medical mineral water naming level. The water quality standard is a rare fluorine-strontium high-temperature mineral spring containing metasilicic acid and is rich in zinc, and rich in many beneficial trace elements such as zinc, selenium and lithium. Hot Spring Water Park: The hot spring greenhouse covers an area of 8076 ㎡, with hot spring water entertainment facilities such as loudspeakers, wave-making pools, water villages, paddling pools, sled barrels, etc. Outside, there are hot spring swimming pools covering an area of 2247 ㎡ and tsunami pools covering an area of 10000 ㎡, which strive to create a good environment for parents and children and play in the water and bring rich entertainment experience to tourists. Tickets to scenic spots: 128 yuan/person on weekends and holidays, 98 yuan/person on weekdays Tourism Advisory Tel: 0857-3131200

Ertaipo Scenic Area

Asirisi Ertaipo Scenic Area, also known as Asirisi Prairie. It is one of the main scenic spots in the Asilixi tourist area in Guizhou Province. It is located in Hezhang County, Guizhou Province, about 40 kilometers away from the county seat and about 9 kilometers away from the exit of Jiucaiping Station of Heliu Expressway. The scenic spot is dominated by the rare alpine grassland landscape of "wind blowing grass low to see cattle and sheep" in the south, maintaining a sound ecosystem and original style, stretching out the majestic Wumeng warmth. At present, the main operation projects of the scenic spot include Qiqu Road self-driving line, rail sightseeing train, Ertaipo Resort Hotel, etc. The projects under construction, such as managed rail slides and gliding wings, will bring more experience to tourists after the construction is completed. Scenic spot tickets: 20 yuan/person Self-driving ticket: 100 yuan/car Tel: 0857-7101000

Leek Ping Scenic Area

Asilixi Jiucaiping Scenic Area in Guizhou Province, also known as Da Jiucaiping Scenic Area, is located at the junction of Xingfa Township, Shuitangbao Township, and Baiguo Town in the southwest of Hezhang County, Guizhou Province. It is about 30 kilometers away from the exit of Hezhang Station on Biwei Expressway. It is about 5 kilometers away from the exit of Jiucaiping Station on Heliu Expressway. The altitude is between 2300 meters and 2777 meters, and the main peak is 2777 meters above sea level, which is the fifth highest peak in Guizhou. The scenic spot covers an area of 80 square kilometers and was awarded the national 4A tourist attraction in August 2017. With more than 100000 mu of plateau platform covered with wild leeks as the main body, the scenic spot is the largest contiguous wild leek flower belt in the world, and it is the only wild leek flower reserve in China. It is known as "Chinese wild leek-the hometown of many stars". It has high scientific research value and aesthetic value, and is known as "the sapphire of the earth, Provence of the East". Jiucaiping scenic spot is also a typical representative of "mountain park province · colorful Guizhou style" and an important part of "Dongtianfudi · Huahai Bijie. Scenic spot tickets: 45 yuan/person Cable car round trip: 80 yuan/person Sightseeing bus round trip: 50 yuan/person Tel: 0857-3227089

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