The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Building Assirisi International IP, We 've been on the Road-Summary of Assirisi Music Carnival 2018




    9Month22Day24day,2018Year Assirisi Music Carnival in Assirisi·Leek Ping scenic area successfully held. The festival event site gathered more than tourists18Ten thousand people.Super highThe popularity of the leek flower sea blooming in the leek ping scenic spot has injected a shot in the arm, and has also accelerated the arrival of this year's National Day Golden Week Asirisi tourist season.

Asilisiis aMulticultural BlendingandIn areas rich in natural resources, weon this basis,From2017Year on, in the spiritBuild a fusion of the world nation,Culture,Art, Nature,Eco-environmental protectionFor oneQuality Music Festival Brand,and“GO! If you have enough friends, go to Assirisi.This loud slogan,DriveIt'sFriends from all over the country and around the worldInThis, to show the outside worldthe"AsilisiUnique tourism culture temperamentandPattern

Cloud Stageandcolorful stageSameAggregationIt'sfrom home and abroadToolsQuality bands with national innovationwithPerforming guests, such as War Horse AgeofKerman in Xinjiang, Henghatu in Tuva, Jabaasan in Yi, and the mountain band that brings domestic folk music to the world,JunglemicoTraveling electronic bands, etc.Wait.

At the same time, we also set up a carnival attribute and fusionIt'sEnvironmental protection concept meltofThe alien environmental team,Asirisi no rubbishEnvironmental protection public welfare activities, rich and interesting street entertainer performances, etc..all embodiedIt'sAsirisi's national cultural innovation as well as natural ecological environmental social responsibility and inclusiveness.

After three days of music carnival, the majority of tourists fully appreciate the charm of the collision of trends, international art and the original ecological customs of Asilisi. The passionate music fans and tourists ignited the enthusiasm of Asilisi day and night, and to the surrounding provinces and cities, The whole country and even the world launched the beautiful business card of "Asilisi" cultural tourism.In the future, we will use the Assirisi Music Carnival as a platform to recruit more representatives of the world's national culture and art to gather here,andIn this wayForOpportunity to integrate more innovative and high-quality cross-border partners at home and abroad, not only music festivals, cultural and artistic villages, earth art seasons, ecological agriculture and animal husbandryorOrganic products and so on..Weis being builtAsilisiIPThe industry chain is inclusive.,It has international potential and will beWorld-renowned tourist destinations with the integration of nature, ecology and art. Meanwhile, we willRespect for nature,Respect for the originalEcology,Adheringculture and artofinheritance and upgrading,shared symbiosisBusiness Value and Social SignificanceofResponsibility.ThisJustIt is the goal of our efforts. Please believe that Asiri's future is promising.

    2018The Assirisi Music Carnival is just a microcosm of Hezhang County's vigorous development of tourism in recent years.,Hezhang County tourism industry from scratch,From there to large, Hezhang County tourism fame, Asirisi·Jiucaiping scenic spot has become Hezhang tourismLeader.InFast travel slow travelon the road,2017The first Assirisi Music Carnival has been successfully held in,2018Year1From the beginning of the month, Hezhang Tourism has wonderful activities every month. From China·Hezhang-The world's Assirisi National Online Photography Contest, National Cultural Activities to Welcome the New Year, Lantern Festival Song King Contest and other Spring Festival series of activitiesCherry Blossom Sea SpringExcursions, exhibitions and sales of horticultural works of the Millennium Rhododendron Sea, holdingYelang's hometown·Hezhang2018International Plateau Mountain Crossing ChallengeOne by one, with festivals as the medium and culture as the core, Hezhang Asirisi Scenic spot is closely combining the deep excavation of culture with the development of tourism products, promoting the deep integration of tourism industry and related industries, with plateau customs, national culture and ecological connotation, so that tourists can really sit down, live down, calm down and feel the charm of Hezhang. 

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