The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Mysterious Yelang Guyun Hezhang "Asilisi Cup" National Essay Contest





Draft Notice

In order to further publicize the unique tourism, cultural and ecological resources of Hezhang County, Guizhou Province, the hometown of Yelang, to improve the popularity and reputation of Hezhang, to let more people enter Hezhang, to understand Hezhang, and to promote the development of Hezhang's economic society and poverty alleviation, the mysterious Yelang Hezhang 2018 "National Hewen Sisi Cup" is specially held during the season when the leek flowers are in bloom, the relevant contents of the solicitation notice are as follows:

1. Essay Theme

Through the ancient Yelang, experience the original ecology, embrace the great health

2. main co-organizer

Organizer: Guizhou Province Asirisi Tourism Development Co., Ltd

Co-organizers: Hezhang County Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, Hezhang County Asiri West Scenic Area Management Office, Hezhang County Education Bureau, Hezhang County News Information Center, Hezhang TV Station, Hezhang County Sports Center

Organizer: Hezhang County Literary Federation, Hezhang County Writers Association

Scope and time of 3. solicitation

1. For national writers and literature lovers to collect works.

2. Starting and ending dates: September 1, 2018-November 30, 2018.

3. Review date: early December 2018.

4. Award date: late December 2018.

4. essay requirements

1. Essay genre: prose (including prose poetry).

2. The number of words in the essay: within 5000 words.

3. Content of the work: to depict and write about Hezhang's beautiful natural scenery, cultural landscape, folk customs, cultural activities and international mountain challenge cross-country race, etc., highlighting the organic integration of Hezhang culture, sports, tourism, health care and poverty alleviation, and displaying Hezhang's unique and charming tourism resources and rich and colorful cultural connotations. The work is required to reflect Hezhang's characteristics and elements. [To understand the information of this competition, you can pay attention to WeChat public numbers such as "Guizhou Writers Association Network", "Hezhang County Human Resources Network" and "Guizhou Writers" and "Qiandian Poetry Rhyme", "Bijie Network News", "Yunshang Bijie", "Hezhang Release", "Asilisi Tourism Area", "Hezhang Daily" literary supplement, "Hezhang News Broadcast", etc.]

4. The entries must be original starting works, and the content of the works must be positive and healthy, and abide by national laws and regulations.

5. The winning works and outstanding works will be published in a collection, and some works will be recommended to relevant newspapers for publication.

6. All contributions shall be sent in the form of attachments of word documents (title No. 2 in Song style plus black, title No. 4 in Song style, arranged according to single line spacing). Paper-based mailing of contributions is not accepted. Each author is limited to two articles. At the end of the manuscript, it is necessary to indicate: name, pseudonym, gender, contact address, zip code, telephone number, ID number, QQ number, WeChat account. Those without real name, contact address and telephone number will be disqualified. Please submit your works to the designated submission E-mail for the competition. Other submission methods are invalid.

7. The originality and legality of the manuscript are the responsibility of the author. It is strictly forbidden to use works that have been published in paper and electronic journals, websites, public numbers, blogs, microblogs and other online platforms to participate in the competition. Once discovered, they will be disqualified.

8. There is no review fee for this solicitation activity, and all contributions will not be refunded. The organizer has the right to publish and promote all the shortlisted works. Some of the award-winning works will be pushed on the "Hezhang Release" public account and published in the "Yelang Feng" literary journal and the "Hezhang Daily" literary supplement. For the public collection and publication of award-winning works and outstanding works, all winners will receive a sample book, but no additional payment will be made.

9. The subject format of the essay-writing email is "author of the title of the essay-writing essay in the competition.

10. Submission mailbox:; Contact person: Xu Ni; Tel: 15121489006.

5. Award Setting

This competition has 1 special prize with a prize of 10000 yuan; 1 first prize with a prize of 5000 yuan; 2 second prizes with a prize of 2000 yuan; 3 third prizes with a prize of 1000 yuan; 20 excellent prizes with a prize of 400 yuan; 20 finalists with a prize of 100 yuan.All authors who have won the finalists or above will receive one certificate of honor and one collection of winning works. The winning authors will be invited to attend the award ceremony (transportation expenses will be borne by themselves, and the organizer will arrange accommodation).

6. essay review

At the end of the draft, the organizing committee will organize well-known writers to set up a review committee, adopting the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality.SignEntries are judged anonymously.

7. other matters

1. The contribution must meet the requirements of the solicitation, otherwise it will not participate in the evaluation.

2. All contributors are deemed to have confirmed their consent to comply with the requirements of the call for papers.

3. The works of members of the organizing committee do not participate in the awards and can be published. If recommended to the relevant newspapers and periodicals for publication, the contribution fee is calculated separately.

4. The Office of the Organizing Committee of the Competition shall be responsible for the explanation of matters not covered.

Mysterious Yelang. The Organizing Committee of the Ancient Rhyme Hezhang "Asilisi Cup" National Essay Contest

30 August 2018

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