The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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"Employment to Build a New Era of Contribution in the Future" 2023 Guizhou State-owned Enterprises Special Recruitment Event Guizhou Asiri West Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Recruitment Announcement


1. Company Profile
Guizhou Province Asilixi Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is a state-owned enterprise controlled by the People's Government of Hezhang County. The main business includes the development, construction, operation, hotel, catering services, etc. The company has subsidiaries such as Guizhou Roof Ridge Jiucaiping Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Hezhang County Asilixi Grassland Tourism Development Co., Ltd., and Guizhou Province Asilixi Hot Spring Tourism Operation Investment Co., Ltd. At present, due to the needs of the business development of the group company, 4 staff members are specially recruited for the public. The specific contents are as follows:
Principles of 2. Recruitment
Adhere to the principle of "openness, equality, competition, and selection of the best"; adhere to the principle of two-way selection, suitable personnel and posts, and suitable personnel; adhere to the principle of legality.
3. recruitment methods
This recruitment activity will take the form of open recruitment for the society.
4. recruitment target
(I) support the Communist Party of China, support socialism, love the motherland, abide by discipline and law, have good conduct, be down-to-earth and dedicated, and have good professional ethics and ethics.
(II) are in good health and have the physical conditions to perform their duties normally.
(III) have good political quality, strong dedication, sense of responsibility and team spirit.
(IV) have the knowledge, skills and work experience to meet the requirements of the position, with relevant qualifications and good computer skills.
The (V) age is 18 to 35 years old, male or female.
(VI) personnel under the following circumstances shall not be recruited:
1. Unable to adhere to the party's basic line, unable to be consistent with the Party Central Committee on major political issues, and have anti-party and anti-social words and deeds;
2. Has a criminal record and has been sentenced, punished, disciplined, or administrative detention;
3. Those who have been dismissed from public office or ordered to be dismissed for violating relevant laws, regulations and disciplinary provisions in government organs, enterprises and institutions;
4. Sanctions such as serious warnings from the party, administrative demerits, etc. are still within the period of instalment or influence;
5. It is being put on file for review or has not been given a conclusion;
6. those who have been found to have cheated in examinations at all levels and in various types of admissions organized by the state and statutory bodies;
7. Other circumstances under which recruitment is not allowed under relevant national laws and regulations.
5. recruitment positions and requirements
This plan recruits 4 staff, 2 engineering staff, 1 financial accountant and 1 cashier. The specific job requirements are as follows:

6. treatment and management
1. Appointment method: deliver resumes on site.
2. Salary and treatment: monthly salary of 2,500-5,000 yuan after employment, excluding all kinds of insurance and other benefits payable by the company.
3. Assessment management: in accordance with the Interim Measures for the Management of the General System of the Group Company.
7. Recruitment Procedures and Timing
The recruitment work shall be carried out in accordance with the procedures of voluntary registration, qualification examination, organization of examination, publicity and personnel employment.
(I) registration requirements
1. Resume delivery time:
On-site resume delivery time: March 15-March 23, 2023
2. Registration method: on-site registration
On-site delivery of resumes: delivery materials include personal resumes, graduation certificates, work experience, qualification certificates and other relevant supporting materials.
Place of application: Guizhou Institute of Technology (Gui 'an Campus) Sports Ground (detailed address: Guizhou Institute of Technology, Boshi Road, Gui 'an Huaxi University Town) (March 15), Room 302, 3rd Floor, North Building, Baiguo Town Convention and Exhibition Center, Hezhang County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province (March 16 to March 23)
3. Related Notes:
Each applicant shall apply according to the job requirements, and each applicant shall be limited to one job.
(II) qualification examination
After the registration work is completed, organize the examination of candidates' registration qualifications. Applicants must truthfully provide their relevant information and materials. If the materials provided are incomplete or violate the relevant provisions of this recruitment brochure, their qualifications will be canceled. Qualification review runs through the entire recruitment process. If it is found that candidates deliberately conceal important personal information or provide false information in any aspect of recruitment, they will be disqualified from applying and hiring, and they will be held responsible.
(III) Organization Examination
The written examination (interview) plan will be notified separately.
Publicity before (IV) employment
The company will review and verify the personal information of the personnel to be employed, and the list of personnel to be employed will be publicized on the official website of Asirisi Travel Company and accept social supervision. During the publicity period, if the employment is affected by verification, the employment qualification shall be canceled; if there is no objection at the expiration of the publicity period, the employment agreement shall be signed according to the procedures.
Employment of (V) personnel
If there is no problem at the expiration of the publicity period or the problems reflected do not affect the employment, the company shall go through the employment approval procedures in accordance with the relevant provisions. The probation period is 3 months. After the end of the probation period, those who pass the examination shall go through the employment procedures in accordance with the regulations, and those who fail the examination shall be terminated after the end of the probation period.

Recruitment contact: Pan Yuan (mobile phone number: 18586850629)

Recruitment Advisory Tel: 0857-3221796

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