The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Hezhang County Jiucaiping Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. Publicly Recruiting Personnel from Talent Reserve (First Batch)


     Hezhang County Jiucaiping Human Resources Service Co., Ltd.
General Rules for Open Recruitment of Personnel Reserve (First Batch)


Hezhang County Jiucaiping Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") is a wholly state-owned enterprise. The investor is the Hezhang County People's Government. It is now under the management of the Committee of Guizhou Province Asilixi Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Asilixi Tourism Company Party Committee"), and its main businesses include human resource services, labor dispatch, vocational skills training, child care, off-care, student trusteeship, and vocational intermediary, etc. As the company's employment has the characteristics of large demand, urgent tasks, strong mobility, and various forms of cooperation, in order to fully meet the company's business needs and ensure that the employment process is open, fair and just, we specially adopt the form of open recruitment to establish a talent pool, and then select the best from the talent pool according to business needs. Specific matters are as follows:
     1. recruitment principles
The recruitment work strictly follows the principles of openness, equality, competition, and selection of the best, and implements the "three disclosures" system of open recruitment conditions, open recruitment procedures, and open recruitment results. The recruitment work is carried out in accordance with the procedures of announcement, registration, written examination (or interview, skill practice), warehousing and on-demand negotiation, physical examination, investigation, employment, etc.
     2. Reserve Plan
A number of managers, technicians, clerks, production personnel and service personnel.
III. Salary Standards
Management personnel and technical personnel: monthly salary of 5000-30000 yuan after employment;
Office personnel, production personnel, service personnel: monthly salary of 3000-10000 yuan after employment.
The above-mentioned remuneration consists of basic salary and performance salary, excluding all kinds of insurance and other benefits payable by the company.
     IV. Registration Conditions
(I) Basic conditions:
1. Have the People's Republic of China nationality, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, love the motherland, love socialism, abide by discipline and law, and have good conduct.
2. Have physical conditions for normal performance of duties.
3. The following persons are not allowed to apply for the examination:
(1) those who cannot adhere to the party's basic line and cannot be in line with the party central committee on major political issues;
(2) has a criminal record;
(3) those who have been dismissed from public office by administrative or public institutions or dismissed in state-owned enterprises for violating relevant laws, regulations and disciplinary provisions;
(4) those who are punished by Party discipline and government discipline and are within the period of influence;
(5) being placed on file for review by the discipline inspection and supervision department or judicial organ;
(6) those who have been found to have cheated in examinations at all levels and in all kinds of examinations organized by the state and statutory bodies;
(7) Other circumstances under which recruitment is not allowed under relevant national laws and regulations.
(2) Post conditions and number of candidates: For the recruitment conditions and number of candidates for each post, please refer to the Post Table of Personnel in the Public Recruitment Talent Reserve of Hezhang County Jiucaiping Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. (Annex 1).
   5. Admission Procedures
(1) Issued the recruitment brochure.
On February 21, 2023, the recruitment brochure was released on the website of Hezhang County People's Government (website: and the official website of Guizhou Asirixi Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (website:
(II) registration.
1. Registration time: February 21-March 10, 2023, 8:30-12:00 a.m. and 14:00-17:30 p. m. Normal registration on weekends and holidays. If the number of applicants for a certain position (major) is lower than the number of applicants for the examination, the company will extend the registration time for the position (major). The specific time will be subject to the announcement on the official website of Guizhou Asirixi Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
2. Registration method: on-site registration is adopted. If I am unable to register for special reasons, I may entrust others to do so. Candidates must carefully read the recruitment brochure and fill in their relevant information truthfully and completely. Each age group is calculated and the date of submission of the entry form shall prevail.
Place of application: Room 322, 3rd Floor, North Building, Hezhang County Convention and Exhibition Center.
Contact person: ms pan, contact number: 18586850629; Mr Liu, contact number: 15519318815
3. Materials to be submitted:
(1) Application Form (Annex 2);
(2) a copy of my valid resident identity card;
(3) A copy of my graduation certificate/degree certificate/professional (practice) qualification certificate;
(4) I recently bareheaded front color photo 1;
(5) If the application requirements require working experience, corresponding certificates shall be provided.
4, enter oneself for an examination requirements:
(1) Applicants can only choose one position to register.
(2) Applicants need to fill in personal information accurately. All consequences caused by personal information errors shall be borne by the applicants themselves.
(III) qualification examination
After the completion of the registration work, the company will conduct a centralized review of the candidates' registration qualifications. Applicants must truthfully provide their relevant information and materials. If the materials provided are not complete or violate the relevant provisions of this recruitment brochure, their reference qualifications will be canceled. Qualification review runs through the entire recruitment process. If it is found that applicants deliberately conceal important personal information or provide false information in any link of the recruitment process, the reference and employment qualifications will be canceled, and the relevant responsibilities shall be borne by the candidates.
(IV) examination
The examination method is divided into written examination or interview (skill practice). According to the nature of the post, the examination plan is formulated according to the post. The specific matters shall be notified separately, subject to the announcement issued on the official website of Guizhou Asirisi Tourism Company.
     6. talent storage
After the examination, those with scores of 60 points or above will be ranked in descending order of scores, entered into the corresponding post talent pool, and publicized on the official website of Asirixi Tourism Company in Guizhou Province. After the expiration of the publicity period, the talent reserve time shall be calculated, and the talent reserve time shall not be less than one year. One year later, if the relevant positions in the library do not meet the company's employment needs, the position can be re-recruited. When re-recruiting, the relevant positions in the original talent pool are no longer eligible to negotiate employment qualifications.
     7. Employment
1, the development of post employment conditions. When the Company and the companies managed by the Party Committee of Assirisi Travel Company need to employ personnel due to business development, they shall formulate specific job conditions, employment quotas, remuneration, etc. according to the requirements of the employer and the personnel in the talent pool and make public announcements.

2, negotiate. According to the ranking order in the library, notify qualified personnel to negotiate. If you are willing to join the job, enter the physical examination. If you don't want to join the job, choose the next person to negotiate until you reach the required quota. If the company refuses to enter the company or gives up the negotiation for two consecutive negotiations during the reserve period, the company will remove the person from the talent pool and no longer enjoy the qualification to negotiate employment.
3, physical examination. Successful negotiation personnel conduct physical examination in public hospitals at or above the county level and submit physical examination reports to the company, and the physical examination expenses shall be borne by themselves. Those who pass the physical examination (according to the latest general standards for the recruitment of civil servants and institutions) enter the next link.
4, investigation. Those who have successfully negotiated and passed the physical examination shall be listed as the inspection objects, and the company shall organize the inspection team to carry out the pre-employment inspection. The inspection team further examines whether the inspected objects meet the required qualifications through background investigations and requirements for relevant certification materials.
5, publicity. Inspection of qualified personnel, the company will be listed as the proposed employment of personnel, in Guizhou Province Asirixi Tourism Company official website for publicity. If there is no objection at the expiration of the publicity period, the employment agreement shall be signed according to the procedures.
The relevant requirements in the above-mentioned employment procedures shall be subject to the announcement and written notice issued at the time of employment.
     8. related requirements
(1) This public recruitment work is subject to the supervision of the higher-level disciplinary committee, the news media, and all sectors of society, and resolutely put an end to fraud and malpractices for personal gain. Once the violations of discipline in the recruitment work are verified, the responsible person will be dealt with seriously.
Supervision telephone number: 0857-3230016 (Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Company)
(2) During the recruitment process, except for the recruitment brochures, all other notices will be published on the official website of Guizhou Asirixi Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Applicants are requested to pay close attention to relevant information and keep the phone open. All adverse consequences caused by the applicant's failure to pay attention to website information or telephone contact shall be borne by the applicant himself.
(3) The explanation of this recruitment brochure belongs to the Administration Department of Jiucaiping Human Resources Company of Hezhang County. Matters not covered shall be studied and determined by the board of directors of the company.



Hezhang County Jiucaiping Human Resources Service Co., Ltd.
21 February 2023

Annex 1: Job Table of Personnel in Hezhang County Jiucaiping Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. for Public Recruitment of Talent Reserve

Annex 2: Application Form for Public Recruitment of Personnel in Hezhang County Jiucaiping Human Resources Service Co., Ltd.


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