The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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On August 13, the opening ceremony of the "Assirisi Carnival Season" and the Yi Torch Festival | Waiting for you to "run wild"



Hot summer, heat unbearable

How to find a cool in the turbulent heat wave?

ThenCome and "run wild" in Asirissi!

Look.Mountain flowers, green grass, sunset, clouds

Let the wind blow away the hot anxiety, leaving only the orange dusk

And you running on the lawn against the wind!



August 13 "Assirisi Carnival Season" Opening Ceremony

And yi torch festival officially launched!

This is a fieldof freedom,enthusiastic

Free and easy,dynamic,DistinctiveCarnival

Everything has beenQuasi! Stand! Just! Hugh!

Just waiting for you to do something ~



We haveFolk activities, theatrical performances, bonfire party

Yi clothing seminar......

Colorful activities to bring the purest happiness

Into the most passionate summer

-Torch Festival-

Torch Festival is the YiThe most grand, the most grand

It is also the most national festival.

"Songs and dances in the flourishing age, fiery torches celebrate the Fengnian"



around the blazing torch

Everyone gathered in festive costumes

Sing with fire, dance with fire

Open the annual "playing with fire" carnival

Feel the pure "torch" enthusiasm!


-Theatrical performances-


Love and charmStrong ethnic dance

The sound of a folk song like a mountain and flowing water.

All kinds of boutique programs are waiting for you to announce!



-Folklore activities-

In the Assirisi Prairie

18 degrees Celsius, wild flowers bloom on the grassland

Cattle and sheep are fat and strong, and the wine smells good after the harvest.

Accompanied by crossbow shooting, sheep fighting, bird fighting, horse racing and other folk activities

This one will save energy!

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind, in the purest nature

Feel the enthusiasm and comfort of the grassland




As night falls, the lights are on.

When the music plays, when the campfire is lit

Dancing around the campfire

Let's meet in Assilisi

Let's start a bonfire and light up this summer!

Let you feel the breath of life in slow time.


-Yi Clothing Seminar-

Here we can feelThe wisdom of the Yi people

Listen to the experts and scholars, experts gathered together

Discussion on national costumes and Yi culture

Inheritance and Protection of Patterns, Colors and Crafts of Yi Traditional Costumes

carry out a profound interpretation

Analysis of various difficulties in the work of inheritance

Exploring ideas for the theoretical study of Yi costumes


In addition to this

We also have a wonderful prairie car show.

Adorable animal show, adorable pet show

Thrilling double-wheel, joyful funny clown interaction

Large shock equestrian show, low altitude flight

It's worth bringing your friends and family to a summer feast.

Throw away all the worries

Let go of yourself and have fun!


-Notice of appointment-

1. Ticket reservation. At present, the scenic area to implement flow control, leek ping, two slope scenic area into the park is limited to 8000 people. The number of people entering the park is close to the peak, and the scenic spot will restrict the admission of unreserved tourists. In order not to affect travel, please plan to visit the Asirisi scenic area through WeChat applet."One-yard tour of Guizhou"Make an appointment, and understand the epidemic prevention and control policies of the place and destination in advance, do a good job of physical examination, and prepare necessary certificates such as ID card, health code, travel code, nucleic acid test report, etc.

2, epidemic prevention and control. After arriving at the scenic spot, please support and cooperate with the staff of the scenic spot to do a good job in health code, travel code inspection, temperature detection, disinfection, real name registration, etc. Tourists with fever, cough and other physical discomfort symptoms must take the initiative to inform the staff. After scanning the code, measuring the temperature and registering, there is no abnormality before checking the ticket into the park. Tourists with abnormal conditions must cooperate with the staff of the scenic spot and local government departments to take measures such as temporary isolation and further testing.

(3) Self-protection. The scenic spot disinfects public areas and public facilities and equipment at any time. Please feel free to use them. During the tour of the scenic spot, tourists are invited to protect themselves, insist on wearing masks, queue up in an orderly manner, and keep a distance of more than 1 meter from other tourists.




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