The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Sailing with one heart and one mind


On the afternoon of January 12, 2020, Guizhou Province Asirisi Tourism Development Co., Ltd.Year-endSummaryBigThe meeting was held in the scenic spot of Jiugu Water Temperature and Spring Water Park. Chairman Xu Yong, together with senior executives and more than 140 employees, gathered together to have a get-together. The year-end summary meeting was divided into two sections: a summary meeting and a get-together.

At the summary meeting, Yao Kai, deputy general manager and trial general manager of the company, carefully summarized the completion of the company's work in 2019 on behalf of the company, fully affirmed the excellent achievements made by everyone in the past year, and listed the new goals to be completed in 2020 in combination with the strategic layout of the company's development. I hope everyone will make every effort to reach the peak in the new year.

In addition, Wu Xuebing, deputy general manager of the company, announced the company's commendation documents and announced the list of promoted personnel. He said that Assirisi's brilliant achievements in the past year were inseparable from the hard work of all Assirisi people. At this commendation meeting, a number of awards including outstanding employees were successively awarded to commend Assisi people with outstanding work;

Staff representative Sun Yan delivered an acceptance speech, shared his work experience and successful experience with everyone, and was full of hope for the new goals for the coming year. At the same time, Li Min, chairman of the board of supervisors of the company, informed the company of the relevant decision on the demotion of the comrades who are behind the target assessment. She hopes that the comrades who are behind the assessment this year must have a clear understanding of the situation, further enhance their understanding, and move forward with heavy burdens in the new year. Take pressure as motivation, do a good job, strive to achieve good results, and fight a beautiful turnaround.

Finally, Xu Yong, chairman of the company, made a speech on the work summary meeting.

He pointed out: this year, we should take the company's "12345" work idea (that is, first, strengthen the party building work to provide a strong political guarantee for the company's development; second, carefully do a good job in the top-level design, and plan the four major issues of "things", "power", "people" and "money" from the strategic level; third, improve the planning and design around the positioning of scenic spots, and make every effort to promote various construction; the fourth is to systematically do a good job in publicity and marketing, and guide the development of some cultural industries; the fifth is to strive to complete other tasks arranged by the committee, the government and the Anfang party committee) as the guidance, earnestly grasp the implementation of various tasks, and hope to be in the new year Unite as one in the middle, roll up your sleeves and work hard together! Contribute to the glory of Asirisi tomorrow!


At the get-together, we Assisi people showed our professional performance standards. The scene was warm and harmonious, a beautiful song full of true feelings, and the performance of funny sketches all caused the colleagues present to laugh from time to time, and sometimes cheers. The stage showed their skills, and the venue was peaceful. The charm and demeanor of the Asirisi people showed incisively and vividly. The whole New Year's meeting was filled with joy and laughter, passion and strength.

At the end of the New Year's meeting of Asilisi Company, the curtain ended with laughter and laughter. After the meeting, all the staff took a group photo and wished the people of the whole county a happy New Year!

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