The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Nine streams of water temperature spring water park outdoor tsunami pool, bubble pool national day golden week open to the public!!!




The autumn equinox season, the cold dew is approaching

Where to go during the National Day holiday? Nine shares of water temperature spring water park and add heavy water amusement experience project, only buy nine shares of water temperature spring water park tickets can experience the stimulation of outdoor tsunami pool and bubble pool comfort, of course, go to nine shares of water temperature spring water park hi skin! What surprises everyone even more is that the ticket price is still the original price! Next, let Xiao Bian take you to have a good understanding of the nine water temperature spring paradise ~ ~ ~


  Outdoor play area




Note: The waves are made twice a day, once indoors at 14:00 and once outdoors at 15:30. (Outdoor wave building depends on the weather. If the weather is bad, change the outdoor tsunami to indoor wave building at 16:00)

Waves can reach up to 2 meters, changing different forms of waves, realistically reproduce the "waves" surging, like surfing in the sea, let you feel the waves kiss the skin of astonishment and stimulation. For a while the water ripples, for a while the waves are surging, in which you are allowed to be slapped and pushed by the waves one after another, you can feel the majestic vitality and charm of the sea, so that you can enjoy the coolness and comfort of the beach without going to the sea, and you can experience the cheerful passion of surfing on the surging sea peak, which makes you forget to return!




Outdoor Bubble Pool


In addition to the carefree and exciting feeling brought by the tsunami pool, the outdoor park has also added a pool of raw soup to relieve everyone's mood and preserve their beauty. Here, the editor would like to give you a detailed introduction to the water quality of Jiugushui Hot Spring, because it has been to France by plane.

Jiugushui Hot Spring has a depth of 1180 meters, a daily artesian water volume of about 2800 tons, and a water outlet temperature of 53 ℃.

According to the water quality test report of Jiugu Hot Spring, the most authoritative water quality certification body in Europe, "French Living Spring Certification Committee", the water quality of Jiugu Hot Spring is excellent and rich in various minerals beneficial to human body. Among them, the content of strontium, fluorine, metasilicic acid and other elements has high medical and health care value, which not only meets the European medical and health care standards, but also reaches the highest national physical therapy hot mine standards.

· The French side believes that it is similar to the springs of the hot spring spas in Usa Tleban, Aix-leban, Aix-en-Provence, and Renle-leban in France, and has good effects on respiratory system, rheumatism, venous system diseases, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, and digestive system diseases.

· Silicon in metasilicic acid is an essential trace element for health and has a health care effect on cardiovascular and bone. Soak bath can soften blood vessels, relieve arteriosclerosis, can effectively regulate the digestive system, wash the skin and mucous membrane, beautify the skin and so on.

· metasilicic acid type spring water, has good curative effect on urticaria, cardiovascular disease, chronic digestive tract disease, etc.

· Water bath containing strontium hot springs have special effects on vascular disease, hypertension, heart disease, myocarditis, chronic arthritis, chronic eczema, psoriasis and osteoporosis.

· High temperature bath fluorine water has certain curative effect on human digestive system, nervous system, hematopoietic system, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, etc.



Laboratory testing in France



French live spring experts on-site sampling


  Indoor play area



Wave-making pool



Double Raft Slide



Children's Water Village




Big Horn


National Day Activities

1. Get Free Tickets for Nine Water Temperature Spring Water Park


1. Access Conditions: With my WeChat (each WeChat ID number can participate once), I can share this article with more than 70 (including 70) praises in WeChat circle of friends, and I can get one free ticket to Nine Water Temperature Spring Park (the first 70 tourists can exchange it daily).

  2, how to exchange: with my circle of friends to praise screenshots to nine shares of water temperature spring water park front desk to exchange the day to use valid paper tickets.

  3. Exchange period: 2019.10.1-2019.10.7 (one day is optional for exchange)

  2. nine shares of water temperature spring water park other preferential activities

  1. Preferential Method: Tourists can enjoy a 20% discount (limited to the same day) when buying tickets for the Asilisi Jiucaiping Scenic Spot, sightseeing tickets, ropeway tickets and any type of tickets for the Asilisi Prairie during the National Day (October 1-7).

  2. Discount time: 2019.10.1-2019.10.7



DJ, MC Resident



water splashing activity




dragon boat race

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