The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Wild leek flower fragrance Assirisi waiting for you




Leek Ping Ziyun

Yue Chaozhou

A cage of mist, a breeze, a cluster of flowers, a clear sound. This, is my leek flat!

Early in the morning, I picked up a silent walk. Above the head, the wings of the clouds are covered with neon petals, like the purple petals scattered by the Heavenly Lady, tiled on the water lilies that wake up at the beginning of a lake.

The sky is flying, and the car is hanging straight. A ladder hung down from the sky, dividing heaven and earth into two.

One petal up, one petal down. Steepy up, flat down. Like a watershed, in the ink painting of leek ping, a poetic name is shaken out: the sea of flowers on the clouds.

In the dream, leek ping was awakened by a zither. String thought, water rhyme. From the fingertips is a song "leek flat rain".

"Non-vegetable Ping Rain" with a bit of fresh, a bit free and easy, a bit elegant, all the way dancing curve charming waist peak, leisuly, walk into the mountain, walk into the lake, to the sea. The direction of the rain is the direction of the sky.

Morning mist, morning dew, morning light; an oil paper umbrella, a path of boardwalk, a pipa rain. Coming is a wet leek flat.

Leek Ping, such as poetry, such as song, such as wine.

Such as poetry, let a person aftertaste; such as song, let a person heartbreak; such as wine, let a person intoxicated.

Grind a bunch of leek flower purple, dipped in a river plum rain. Light smoke mist is still looking for you.

Purple flowers, half drunk, half awake.

Under the sky, there is constant flow of clouds and water. Sing old the world of mortals, sing not old leeks of a branch of a vine.

One purple flower, ten thousand leek clouds. I am a drop of leek flower dew, in the sea rhyme of leek ping, looking for the lost destination of the past life.

Green grass with empty, affectionate, continuous.

Along the ancient mythology, along the way into the wind, walk into the rain, the heaven and earth into the same color-Purple.

Purple is the only melody. Quiet, quiet, deep.

Grass day color, green blood, purple soul. It is a river, a lake, a sea; it is a sky, a flowing dream.

Purple, is the hometown of smoke; Purple, is a person's name; Purple, I can never hold, can not let go of missing.

In the twilight, the vast mountains make a purple gaze before the sunset. The sky passing by, a cicada singing rolling in summer, and a touch of sunset returning that night, embroidered a gentle and half acacia in my heart. A wisp of breeze in my ears, I heard the blue sky, the clouds singing in the sea of flowers.

Sing, is still your purple name.

Cloud singing is affectionate, lingering, gentle, sing acacia, sing a sentimentally attached.

The color of the flower is pure-Purple. The purple is exciting.

Clouds and flowers are like you and me. We stare at each other and melt away.

Who lifted a vegetarian butterfly into the shape of a cloud and let my vegetarian hand pick your auspicious cloud?

Who is the leek flower rendering purple, let my restless heart for you?

Take a kite and let me fly high in your sky.

With the wings of a gull heron, I soar low against the purple sea.

Sing in a low voice, sing the passing childhood, sing the pure hometown, sing the love of the past life, sing the hazy future……

A little Sanskrit sound, like a string of fireflies, ethereal in the breeze and white clouds, lights up the round Zen heart. Love, scattered like clouds, like water without trace.

The cloud is still a cloud and the flower is still a flower.

Borrow a clear word pen to write about your prosperity for three thousand miles. With my plain hands, I folded all my dreams into a cloud brocade and wrote my twilight purple rhyme.

Pour a leek flower, to a "beautiful encounter", is still a Que acacacia rhyme.

Soak up the wind of leek ping and sing a song "rain of non-vegetable ping". in this life, just waiting for you in the world of mortals!




Play strategy:

Play time:3-5 hours

Enter the scenic spot to buy tickets to enter the park

Feel the thrill of the colorful slide before entering the scenic spot/Fare30yuan per person

Time to the summit by cableway/25 minutes

Or take a sightseeing bus to the top of the mountain/20 minutes (need to walk500Ladder walkway)

Enjoy the visual effect of the small mountains at the top of the mountain

Starting from the ropeway station, visit the core flower area and the main road of the scenic spot.It is recommended to arrange the tour time reasonably for 3.5 kilometers and return to the service center of the ropeway station to choose the ropeway or sightseeing bus to go down the mountain.

Stay at the Yi Muzhuang Hotel or Zhongying Village at the foot of the mountain to experience the tranquility and serenity of nature.


Scenic spot information:

1. Address of scenic spot: Zhongying Village, Xingfa Township, Hezhang County, Guizhou Province (Gaode and Baidu Navigation Search "Asiri West Jiucaiping Scenic Area").

2. Sunrise tickets for scenic spots are reserved at the ticket hall from Monday to Friday. Sunrise tickets are not sold on weekends and holidays. Telephone:0857--3227089.

3. The blooming period of the scenic spot is8mid-month9Mid-to-late month.

4. The altitude of the scenic spot is relatively high, and the average temperature in summer18Celsius, please tourists to do a good job of warm facilities.

Scenic ticket price information:

1. Ticket Price: High Season45Yuan/people, half price22Yuan/People, Off-season40Yuan/people, half price20Yuan/People. (6Month15--6Month22Half price outside the province)

2. Dongmen sightseeing bus: round trip50Yuan/People, one-way25Yuan/People.

3. Ximen sightseeing bus and small train: round trip50Yuan/People, one-way25Yuan/People.

4. East Gate cableway: round trip80Yuan/People, one-way40Yuan/People.

5, the peak season3Month1Day-10Month31day; off-season11Month1Day-2Month28day.

6. Business hours in peak season:8:00-18:00; Ticketing time:8:00-17:00.

Off-season hours:9:00-17:30; Ticketing time:9:30-16:30.


Self-driving Raiders

Please be fully prepared for driving.

The mountain is windy and the sun is shining, please bring wind and sun protection equipment.


1. self-driving line

AsilisiLeek Ping Navigation Search: Asiri West Leek Ping Scenic Area (Asiri West Leek Ping)

Line 1: From Guiyang, Guiyang-Guiqian Expressway-Biwei Expressway-Hezhang-Asilisi Jiucaiping, the whole journey is about253kilometers, time2Hours20Points.

Line 2: From Chongqing Main City to Guizhou Hezhang Expressway, Chongqing Main City-Luzhou-Bijie-Hezhang-Asilisi Jiucaiping, the whole journey is about450kilometers, time4Hours30Points.

Line 3: From Chengdu Main City to Guizhou Hezhang Expressway, Chengdu Main City-Luzhou-Bijie-Hezhang-Asilisi Jiucaiping, the whole journey is about550kilometers, time5Hours30Points.

Line 4: From Zunyi Main City to Hezhang Full Line Expressway, Main City-Lanhai Expressway-Hangrui Expressway-Biwei Expressway-Hezhang-Asilisi Jiucaiping302.3kilometers, time4Hours20Points.

2. aviation line

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport-Bijie Feixiong Airport (Airport Line-Hezhang)

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport-Bijie Feixiong Airport (Airport Line-Hezhang)

III. High-speed rail line

Chengdu/Chongqing-Guiyang (high-speed rail line) Guiyang Jinyang Bus Station-Hezhang Passenger Station (full speed)

4. bus line

Chengdu/Luzhou-Bijie East Passenger Station Bijie West Passenger Station-Hezhang Passenger Station (Full Expressway)

Chongqing Passenger Station-Hezhang Passenger Station (full high speed)


There are approximately around the scenic spot.More than 40 homestays, can accommodate700Many people stay, the price is about150Yuan up and down, although the conditions are general but clean and tidy. If you eat in a homestay, per capita consumption40Yuan/People.

Recommended Merchants:

1. Telephone number of Yirenmuzhuang Hotel in scenic spot:15934732818 (Mr. Ma)



1. Hezhang Douhua Pig Feet (Address: Huancheng Road, Hezhang CountyTelephone:0857-3393888

2. Authentic Xu Douhua (Address: Huancheng Road, Hezhang CountyTelephone:13638173333

3. Catering of Yi People's Muzhuang Hotel (Address: Asilixi Jiucaiping Scenic AreaTelephone:15934732818

4. Nongjiale around the scenic spot (the above corresponding contact information)


1. Hezhang walnut milk; Hezhang walnut candy

2. Tartary buckwheat tea; Wild gastrodia elata; Hezhang coke pig, etc

Address: Longming Street, Hezhang County


Line 1: Asirisi· Chiek Ping-Asilisi Grass-Asilisi · Chiek Ping

Line 2: Asirisi-Jiucaiping-Jiugu Water Hot Spring Water Park-Asilisi · Jiucaiping

Asilisi· leek ping telephone:0857--3227089

Nine shares of water hot spring water park consultation telephone:0857--3131200

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