The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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When the blockbuster hit, Bijie, Guizhou, brought "super gift bags" into Anyang, Henan, inviting Henan people to spend the summer in Huahai Bijie.


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On the morning of May 29th, the "Colorful Guizhou • Ecological and Humanistic Journey" and "Where to go in the hot summer, the sea of flowers is good for the summer" 2019 Bijie Cultural Tourism Marketing Promotion Conference was held in Anyang City, Henan Province. The promotion meeting was hosted by the Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the People's Government of Bijie City.The Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau undertakes. At the promotion meeting, the promotion of cultural tourism in Bijie City and the release of preferential tourism policies, BijieEthnic cultural performances, on-site lottery interaction, etc.Link turnsOn the stage, Bijie City warmly invites Henan people to spend summer vacation in Huahai Bijie, enjoy the beautiful scenery and taste the cultural customs.

Lu Changwen, Deputy Director of Anyang Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Tourism Bureau, Shi Zheng, Deputy Director of Bijie Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism BureauArmy,The person in charge of the key scenic spots in Bijie City, such as Baili Rhododendron, Zhijin Cave, Muaige Ancient City, Youshan River, Jiucaiping and Jiudongtian,Anyang City,Bijie Key Travel Agency, Anyang, BijieMainstream news media reporters, etc.More than 100 people attended the promotion.

The scenery of Bijie is magnificent and beautiful, the perfect place to escape the summer heat.

Bijie City is located in the northwestern part of Guizhou Province. It is a unique and mysterious place with rich cultural tourism resources. It has a refreshing and pleasant climate, rich and colorful ethnic customs, magical and beautiful natural scenery, long and profound history and culture, and simple and charming The rural customs endow Bijie with a unique charm of natural and cultural landscapes.

Average summer temperature in Bijie21 ℃, the temperature is cool and pleasant, is a real summer vacation paradise. Its forest coverage rate is 80 per cent,KnownNegative oxygen ion content of "air vitamins"per cubic meter over69000, the air quality has reached the national level standard all the year round, and it is a veritable ecological city.

There is a reputation here."Earth ribbon,World Garden"The national 5A scenic spot Baili Rhododendron,There is the world's largest area of wild leek flower belt leek ping scenic area, there is knownZhijin Cave, the first of the "Top Ten Wonder Cave in China", has natural scenery such as Weining Caohai Scenic Area, which was selected as the "Top Ten Bird Watching Bases in the World"; there is the ancient city of Muoge, the ruins of cokeDatun Tusi Manor of Yi NationalitySuch as historical and cultural landscapes; There are Yi Torch Festival, Miao Flower Jumping Festival, Bai Folk Song Festival, Yi Bell Dance, Miao Rolling Mountain Beads, Yi Cuotaiji and other ethnic song and dance festivals. There are also mouth-watering delicacies such as Yi Jiatuo Tuo Meat, Miao Shuihua Wine, Hui Beef Dry Bar, Kung Pao Chicken, Eight Bowls of Weaving Golden Water, Dried Beans and Dried Beans. Summer to Bijie summer, is a physical and mental, sensory, taste buds on the ultimate experience, is a romantic and refreshing journey.

The promotion scene was brilliant,"Bian" Friendship Carnival between the Two Places

This time, Bijie City walked into Anyang with full enthusiasm. Through a splendid tourism promotion activity, it strengthened Anyang people's understanding and understanding of Bijie, strengthened the communication and exchange between the two places, and wrote a new chapter for the friendship between the two places.

At the promotion meeting, Shi Zheng, deputy director of Bijie Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism BureauArmy from"Why go to Bijie? What to play in Bijie? How to get to Bijie? What discount will Bijie give you" Four aspectsThe unique cultural tourism resources of Bijie City were introduced to the guests in an all-round way, hoping to further strengthen and consolidate the cooperative partnership between Bijie and Anyang, jointly set up the promotion and promotion of tourism routes between the two places, and jointly promote the interactive development of tourism between the two places. Warmly invite the people of Anyang in"Blessed Earth-Flower Sea Bijie" encounters a cool and comfortable summer.

Director of Anyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism said:"Although Anyang and Bijie are geographically far away, they are close to each other, business ties are connected, and emotions are compatible. Since ancient times, the two places have had close contacts. We hope to take this promotion activity as an opportunity to build a tourism development cooperation platform, jointly create high-quality tourism routes between the two places, and make Bijie, Guizhou a favorite tourist destination for our citizens in Anyang, Henan Province. We hope to reach an alliance with tourism enterprises in Bijie to achieve complementary resources, mutual construction of markets, mutual delivery of tourists, information and benefit sharing, promote win-win tourism cooperation between the two places, and promote the common development of tourism in Anyang and Bijie, write a new chapter of tourism exchanges and cooperation between the two places."

At the promotion meeting, Bijie City launched an on-site lottery. The interesting lottery interaction ignited the enthusiasm of the guests on the spot. The guests were looking forward to becoming the lucky winners and finallyTen lucky guests were born, and Bijie City gave out a sumptuous prize for a combination of five scenic spots: "Baili Rhododendron, Zhijin Cave, Muoge Ancient City, Jiucaiping and Jiudong Tian.

At the promotion site, the ethnic minority compatriots in Bijie City also brought wonderful national cultural performances, such as "Bell Dance", "A Lao Biao to Go", and "The Moon Hangs on the Half Rock" Wonderful performances such as "Rolling Mountain Beads" and "stay Song" instantly brought the atmosphere of the scene into the mysterious and colorful ethnic customs of Bijie, and bursts of applause broke out at the promotion meeting.

"Preferential Gift Package" Deluxe Delivery, Sincerely Invited by Huahai Bijie

This time, Bijie has launched three rich tourism preferential policies, namely:

"Eco-cultural Tour" preferential policies:During the period from May 5, 2019 to July 15, 2019 (72 days in total), residents of Shandong and Henan provinces can enjoy a 50% discount on tickets to all charged scenic spots in Guizhou Province with valid identity documents such as ID cards, household registration books and driver's licenses (excluding hot spring scenic spots and franchise projects in scenic spots). Temporary subsidies are provided for charter flights and special trains for tourists from Shandong and Henan provinces organized by tourism enterprises. Tourism enterprises organize more than 100 people (including) to travel to Guizhou by charter flights from Shandong and Henan at one time. If the charter flights enter the port at the airport in Guizhou Province and the tourists stay in Guizhou for no less than 3 nights, 30000 yuan will be awarded for each flight; tourism enterprises organize more than 300 people (including) to travel to Guizhou by special tourist trains or chartered carriages in Shandong and Henan at one time. If the special tourist trains enter Guizhou Province and the tourists stay in Guizhou for no less than 3 nights, they will be rewarded with 50000 yuan per train, and a green channel for special train tourists will be opened at the train platform.

Guizhou summer tourism preferential policies: From June 15, 2019 to September 22, 2019, residents of other provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions except Guizhou will enjoy a 50% discount on the listing price of tickets for various fee-paying tourist attractions in Guizhou Province with their valid identity documents, excluding tickets for hot spring scenic spots and franchise projects in scenic spots. In addition to Guizhou, other provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) of the country with 7 seats or less will implement a 50% discount on expressways in Guizhou.

Bijie Special Tourism Preferential Policy: First, artists focus on Bijie preferential policies. For members of the Photographers Association, Artists Association, Calligraphers Association, Musicians Association, Writers Association, and journalists above the municipal level nationwide, they will go to the state-owned fee-paying tourist attractions (spots) in Bijie City with valid certificates. Those who create and collect styles, provide their creative works to the scenic spots and actively help the scenic spots to promote and promote, free tickets will be implemented. Two is the scenic spot ticket preferential policy.From May 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, the four scenic spots of Baili Rhododendron, Zhijin Cave, Muoge Ancient City, and Youshan River will implement a joint ticket preferential policy. The joint ticket price of the four major scenic spots in the tourist season is 150 yuan. The joint ticket price of the four major scenic spots in the off-season is 110 yuan (the above joint ticket preferential policy does not include service charges such as sightseeing cars and cable cars). Three is the travel agency incentives. According to the "Trial Measures for Encouraging Tourism Enterprises to Expand Bijie Tourism Market Incentives", tourism enterprises that organize groups to travel to Bijie will be rewarded. Four is the summer student preferential policy. July 1, 2019-August 31, 2019; Free tour of Baili Rhododendron Scenic Area (excluding scenic sightseeing bus) with college student ID card.

The number of concessions is unprecedented, and Bijie's invitation is full of sincerity. Friends from Henan, enjoy a tour of colorful Guizhou and feel the flower sea Bijie. At this time, when will we go to flower sea Bijie for summer vacation.

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