The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Non-heritage exhibitions are brilliant, traditional culture shows new vitality, 5.19 Tourism Day, come to Hezhang Jiuchan


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The March of Gui Chou (May 19, 1613 A. D.), from Ninghai to Ximen, the clouds are scattered and the sun is bright, and the people are happy.

"Xu Xiake's Travels" On May 19, 2001, Ma Shaoqin, a native of Ninghai, Zhejiang, in the name of Ninghai Xu Xiake Tourism Club, issued an initiative to the society to establish a "China Tourism Day", suggesting that the first article of "Xu Xiake's Travels" "Tiantai Mountain Diary" The opening day (May 19) was named China Tourism Day. On March 30, 2011, the executive meeting of the State Council passed a resolution that since 2011, May 19 every year is "China Tourism Day". In order to advocate China Tourism Day, Hezhang County Sports, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau, in conjunction with Jiugushui Hot Spring Water Park, has carefully prepared water treasure hunting activities for tourism lovers, and surprise benefits are waiting for you to "find". In addition to the treasure hunt with rich gifts, we also bring you a wonderful exhibition of intangible cultural heritage.

Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage-Hezhang "Miao Migration Dance"

A history of the development of the Miao is a history of migration. The epic Hezhang "Miao Migration Dance" is a dance accumulated by thousands of years of migration culture. It is a unique dance of a migratory nation. It is a remote and eternal song. It is a strong epitome of the great migration of a nation, is a tragic story across the historical time and space. As a provincial intangible cultural heritage, Hezhang's "Miao Migration Dance" is adding luster to the prosperity of national culture. Hezhang's "Miao Migration Dance" is a dazzling flower in the local Miao migration culture. "The Great Migration Dance of the Miao Nationality", which is called in the Miao language, means to find a place to live. This dance spread in Hezhang Dahua Miao branch, spread in Hezhang County Coke, River Town, Dezhuo and other villages and towns, in the Miao people from generation to generation. Hezhang's "Miao Migration Dance" narrates the suffering process of the Miao ancestor's migration with epic dance dynamics, and artistically reproduces the historical picture of the Miao migration. The dance atmosphere is strong and intense, the dance steps are calm and dignified, the movements are light and simple, the dance music is cheerful and lively, and the Lusheng song is accompanied by ancient ballads. The dance of the song reflects the long journey of the Miao ancestors who fought bravely and fought hard and finally found their ideal home.

Miao Lusheng Dance Earth Dragon Rolling Jing

The Miao Lusheng dance "The Dragon Rolling the Jing", which is called "Ga Ji Duo Ka" in the Miao language, is named "Migration Lusheng Dance" by the Chinese folk dance ensemble. It is a historic Miao Lusheng dance unique to the "Xiaohua Miao" in the second local language of the western dialect. The dance reflects the history of the migration of Miao ancestors and is mainly spread in the small Miao villages of Hezhang, Nayong and Liupanshui. The Lusheng dance "The Dragon Rolling the Jing" is a living fossil of the history of the Miao migration, witnessing the historical picture of the Miao migration. The Lusheng dance "The Dragon Rolling Jing" is difficult and high. From ancient times to the present, children began to learn to play Lusheng music at the age of eight and dance at the age of ten. After that, the combination of Sheng dance and high-intensity physical training have been practiced until the age of 18. Only then can they participate in the annual Lusheng Dance Competition of the Huapo Festival of the Miao nationality.

Mysterious "Xiqian Buried Sheng Qu", in memory of the Miao people's solemn and stirring ancestors on the great migration road.

The continuous migration in the history of the Miao nationality, and the migratory life is an unavoidable theme in the history of the Miao nationality. There is such a Lusheng song, designed to commemorate this tragic migration! They dance in the mountains, every tune, every drum, every dance step, the mountain gives a response for the ancestors, the slow lusheng, dance steps like to pour out their thoughts, miss the distant history and ancestors. "Xiqian Burial Sheng Qu" is spread in Xingfa, Gudiping Mountain, Reservoir, Xingfa, Songlin, Pheasant Street in Hezhang County, and the adjacent Miao villages in Nayong and Shuicheng. It is the most representative traditional ritual in the funeral customs of Xiaohua Miao branch. The "Xiqian Burial Sheng Qu" carries the historical changes of the bumpy displacement of the Miao people, and is an irreplaceable specimen for studying the history and culture of the Miao people and exploring the roots of the Miao people's migration.

Treasure Hunt

Venue: Jiugeshui Hot Spring Water Park, Hezhang County
Treasure hunt time: May 18-19 (weekend) 10:00 a.m. to 15:30 p. m. Award time: May 18-19 15:30 p. m.
Ticket listing price: 98 on weekdays/128 on weekends/holidays/China tourism day ticket price: half price, children under 1.4 meters free of charge China tourism day ticket discount time: may 18-20 participants: all tourists who buy tickets to enter the park can participate

Activity rules:

One: The park is divided into seven areas: wave pool, children's water village, sled gun barrel, loudspeaker, double slide, restaurant on the second floor and tourist rest area. Several small balls numbered 1-10 are placed. Tourists who collect balls numbered 1-10 will be rewarded with 2 tickets (worth 256 yuan).

Two: After the wave-making activity at 2 o'clock, a simple question and answer will be given to tourists. For example, the height and weight requirements for participating in the big horn project, the matters needing attention in children's play in Shuizhai, etc. The correct answer will be to obtain universal balls (universal balls can replace any number of balls 1-10). The number of universal balls is 5, and the complete number of balls 1-10 is 15 groups.

3: Up to 20 lucky talents will be rewarded every day. The prizes will be 2 full tickets for the hot spring water park worth 256 yuan.


4: The deadline for the use of award tickets is June 30.

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