The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Hezhang County "Asirisi Cup" National Essay Contest Results Announced




201812Month30day,BySponsored by Guizhou Province Asirisi Tourism Development Co., Ltd.,Hezhang County Styleradio and television tourismBureau, Hezhang County Asiri West Scenic Area Management Office, Hezhang County Education Bureau, Hezhang County News Information Center, Hezhang TV Station, Hezhang County Sports Center,Hezhang County Literary Federation and Hezhang County Writers AssociationHezhang County"Assilisi Cup"The results of the national essay contest were announced.

It is reported, this essay from20188Month30Day inXinhua News Agency Client,Guizhou Writer”“Qian Dian Poetry Rhymeand other micro-journals,Palm Bijie”“Bijie Internet Affairs” “Hezhang Released”“Assirisi Tourist AreaSuch as WeChat public number, "Hezhang Daily" literary supplement,Hezhang News BroadcastWaitManyMediaSince the release of the solicitation notice,201811Month30Daily deadline, receivedfrom all over the countryLiterature Lovers ParticipateDraft465. According to the rules of selection requirements,ElaborateOrganizationRELATED PERSONNELComposition of contest judgesgroup,After preliminary examination,review,Final and other rounds of careful selection, in.201812Month30DaySelectionGrand Prize1, first prize1First, second prize2Name, third prize3Name, Excellence Award20Name, finalist award20The results of the selection are now announced..

The list of winners is as follows:

SpecialWaiting for Award1):

The Yelang Country of Hezhang (Yang Xianping, Sichuan)(Note: It was only when the information was checked after the award was evaluated that the members of the organizing committee found that this article had been published publicly and was not in conformity with this competition.The requirement of "original starting", therefore, the bonus of this award is canceled)

First Prize1):

Yelang Fenggu (Deng Zhaohai, Guizhou)

Second prize2):

"Between Mountains and Waters, Hezhang Singing" (Song Xiaojie, Liaoning)

Hangyelang (Liu Weihao, Yunnan)

Third Prize3):

Asilisi, Ancient Rhyme and Lyricism of the Millennium Hezhang (Zhang Wei, Fujian)

Arriving Asilisi with Song (Li Guangwen, Guizhou)

"Hezhang, telling Yelang with a lifetime of years" (Wang Guogan, Henan)

Excellence Award20):

The Four Seasons of Yelang through the Ages (Deng Zhaohai, Guizhou)

"A Thousand Years of Rhododendron, A Hundred Years of Past" (Jike Ammer, Guizhou)

Hezhang Image (Zhilu, Xinjiang)

The Memory of Hezhang (Wang Xianglin, Gansu)

Crossing Ancient Yelang (Zhang Rui, Guizhou)

About Yelang-Looking for the Beauty and Hezhang (Wang Lijun, Hebei)

Hezhang's Travel (Pang Huajian, Guangxi)

"Little Leek Ping, Just to Meet You" (Yang Jun, Yunnan)

The Mystery of Qingbuckle Yelang and the Colorfulness of Hezhang (Chen Yuxiao, Zhejiang)

He Zhang Yin (Wu Yong, Guizhou)

With the Wind Until Yelang West (Zhang Yu, Shanxi)

The Dream of Assirisi Prairie (Ma Zhangliu, Jiangsu)

"He Zhang Xingyin" (Mu Feng, Gansu)

Hezhang, the Habitat of Happiness (Sun Qingfeng, Hebei)

"Mountain Flowers in Love with the Old Country" (Zhang Dong, Guizhou)

Love Hezhang (Peng Li, Guizhou)

"Hezhang Xiaozha" (Zhang Yong, Sichuan)

Slate River Sing (Zhang Youkun, Guizhou)

Hezhang, a Beautiful Picture Spread on the Territory of Guizhou (Zhang Yuming, Anhui)

Four Chapters of Hezhang (Li Jinfu, Guizhou)

shortlisted award20):

Yelang Sanqu (Wang Qi, Shaanxi)

Plateau CrossingCastle Peak Testifies "(Lin Changkuan, Guizhou)

Yelang HezhangCharm infestations in every detail of the years "(Hu Qingjun, Tianjin)

Hezhang, Gazing or Whispering (Yang Wenxia, Guizhou)

The Chapter of He Xi (Wen Yongzhi, Jiangxi)

Magic Leek Ping (Li Yi, Guizhou)

"Ancient Rhyme Hezhang, A Legend of Landscape" (Zhao Chang, Hebei)

Ertaipo, the Realm of the Prairie (Wu Xinping, Anhui)

Asirisi Love Song (Zhou Lian, Henan)

The Pure Freehand of the Asirisi Prairie (Li Yangbo, Jiangsu)

"Those Beautiful Totems Are Always There" (Long Xiaolong, Sichuan)

Shexiang Ancient Post Road, a Road of Conscience (Yu Xianbin, Shaanxi)

"Hezhang, the Beauty of Quinted Poetry" (Shao Weizeng, Xinjiang)

Three Sightings of Hanyang (Zhang Luda, Guizhou)

Sea of Flowers in the Sky. Flower Sea Fairy Mountain (Xiao Liangguo, Guizhou)

Three Questions on Hezhang Scenery (Lu Shaolin, Guizhou)

Above the Clouds (Peng Runqi, Beijing)

The Album of Hezhang (Liu Xiangmin, Shandong)

Hezhang Dictionary, typeset in turn in Yelang's hometown (bright red core, Sichuan)

"A piece of red heart to give Hezhang" (Xiao Yunqiu, Hubei)

Brief introduction of judges:

1.Dai Bing, male, member of the Chinese Writers Association, student of the eighth advanced research class of Lu Xun College of Literature, vice chairman of Guizhou Writers Association, vice president of Guizhou College of Literature, director of Guizhou Youth Literature Committee, special researcher of Guizhou Literature and History Research Institute, executive editor of Guizhou Writer and columnist of Wen Wei Po. "Intensive reading hall" general planning, academic host. He has won nine provincial and municipal literary awards and published ten novels, essays and academic essays. Some works have been published by Xinhua Digest, Writer's Digest, ProseReprinted in the Overseas Edition, and selected in the Selected Ten Years of Chinese Urban Novels;2007To2013For seven consecutive years, he was selected as the annual selection of Wen Wei Po. "Literature and Art News", "Literature News", "China Youth Daily", "Phoenix News", "Novel Review", "Guizhou Daily", "Guizhou TV Station" and other media inside and outside the province have reported and introduced. The academic essay "Through the Shadow of Borges" is the first Guizhou work selected as the famous cultural brand "Xinmin Saying" of Guangxi Normal University Press.

2. wang jianping,Male, member of Chinese Writers Association, director of Guizhou Writers Association, distinguished researcher of Guizhou Provincial Museum of Literature and History, vice chairman of Guiyang Writers Association, professional writerMore than 40 species. He has published a number of novels, essays, reportage and theoretical essays in newspapers and magazines at all levels across the country. His works have been selected into a variety of anthologies. Some of his works have been translated and published abroad. He has won the highest prize of Deutsche Welle International Literature Award and was invited to attend the novel forum of Frankfurt International Book Fair. He is the author of "The Shape of the City-A Collection of Wang Jianping's Medium and Short Stories", the novel "The Treasure of Qianzhong" ("The Treasure of the Treasure"), "The Fireworks of the World-The Collection of Outstanding Works of the Deutsche Welle Literary Award" (Chinese-German translation), prose collection "Absurd Eyes", etc.

3. Kuang Huabin: Male, member of Guizhou Writers Association, Honorary Chairman of Hezhang County Writers Association, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of Hezhang County Culture, Sports, Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau. His works are scattered in Guizhou Daily, Guizhou Writers, Bijie Daily, Plateau and other newspapers; he edited the collection of essays, such as the writer's Hezhang.

4. Long Zhongli: female, student of the Ninth Minority Creation Class of Lu Xun College of Literature, member of Chinese Minority Writers Association, member of Guizhou Writers Association, honorary vice chairman of Hezhang County Writers Association. Creation of novels, essays, poetry scattered in a variety of newspapers and magazines. Published a collection of essays "The Voice of Flowers" and an anthology of novels "Pebbles". Among them, the collection of essays "The Voice of Flowers" won the Second Guizhou Provincial Literature and Art Award.

5. Guan Yanbo:Male, pseudonym Dianshi, member of Guizhou Writers Association, honorary vice chairman of Hezhang County Writers Association. There are poems, essays, comments500The remaining articles were published in newspapers such as "Star", "Green Wind", "Poetry Newspaper", "Shanhua", "Guizhou Writer", "Guizhou Daily" and other newspapers; published two collections of works "Guan Yanbo Poetry Selection" and "Life Testimony"; once in "Bijie Daily" Open a prose column"Time flies"; won"China Star Cross-Century Poetry Award"1998Annual and1999annual) and other awards.

6. Hu Yan: female, pseudonym Youyou, member of Chinese Prose Society, member of Guizhou Writers Association, vice chairman of Bijie Writers Association, chairman of Hezhang Writers Association. His works can be found in China Education News, Contemporary Writers, China Community News, Nanfeng, Guizhou Daily, Guizhou Writers, Contemporary Guizhou, Guizhou Ethnic News, Beihai Daily and other newspapers; he has won more than 30 awards in prose (prose poetry) competitions at all levels; he has published the prose collection "Shadow of time" and edited the literary series "Yelang Collection" (9).

7. Zhou Chun: Male, pseudonym Yelang Achun, Shan Wei, member of China Natural Resources Writers Association, member of Guizhou Writers Association, student of the first Lu Xun College of Literature, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of Hezhang Writers Association. There are scattered texts in newspapers such as "Earth Literature", "Sunshine", "Guizhou Writers", "China Natural Resources News", "Guizhou Daily" and other newspapers, and published a collection of works "Taking Hometown for a Far Away".


Hezhang CountyAssilisi CupOrganizing Committee of National Essay Contest


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