The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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"Bijie Summer Tour" won the college entrance examination questions, 10 well-known media on the spot




The heat hits,Chongqing People Travel to BijieOn the college entrance examination questions, driveBijie TourismSwipe the screen again, search on the hot. In order to further detonate the Bijie summer tour market, Bijie City10Invitation from large source cities, China Tourism News, Beijing News, Yangcheng Evening News, etc.35Home media readily agreed and rushed to Bijie to find out.

6Month20On the evening of the day, reporters from major media gathered in Hezhang,Into the flower sea Bijie, pay attention to the InternetGlobal Tourism "Bijie Tourist Source Media Collection Campaign Launched. Shi Zhengjun, deputy director of Bijie Tourism Development Commission, an Qian, researcher of Bijie Tourism Development Commission, Ma Wujun, deputy head of Hezhang County people's Government, Pan Shenglan, executive vice minister of Hezhang County propaganda Department, and other leaders gathered together with media friends to passionately talk about tourists.Ten reasons to fall in love with Bijie tourism".

the reporter noted that,10Major tourist destination cities include first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou, as well as neighboring areas such as Chongqing, Changsha and Kunming, where high-speed rail is closely connected with Guizhou. The invited media include the most influential local well-known media, Tencent tourism sub-station, there is no lackEat, drink and have fun in Beijing,Shenzhen RaidersOther new media.


   In the next two days,35Home media reporters will be in Bijie city Hezhang, Dafang, Qianxi, Jinsha, etc.The four counties collect customs, deeply experience the beautiful food, cultural customs and minority culture of various places, and witness the latest progress of the tourism industry in helping poverty alleviation.


This event was hosted by the Bijie Tourism Development and Reform Leading Group, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Bijie Municipal Committee, BijieCityTourism Development Committee, Tencent Tourism to host, the purpose is to lock in depth.10Big source city,Bijie Summer TourHeat waveAdd another fireand discuss with friends in the mediaInternet+TourismHow to innovate and make progress in poverty alleviation in tourism industry.

The cool climate of Bijie is undoubtedly the most concerned. Multiple fromStove CityAt the welcome dinner, some media people couldn't help but sigh with emotion:I didn't expect to wear a jacket in the summer of Bijie!

2018Bijie tourism development into the fast lane

2018In, the development of tourism in Bijie droveFast lane, Bijie Tourism Development CommitteeFour Seasons Tourism,Monthly TravelThe cooperation with CCTV, Tencent and other platforms has been directly upgraded.Huahai BijieThe height and breadth of brand building.

4At the beginning of the month, Bijie was in ChinaInternetAwarded at the Digital Economy SummitDigital Brand Building AwardThe award, which is quite valuable, means that the Chinese Internet community is interested in Bijie.Internet+Whole Area TourismHighly recognized.

4The end of the month, BijieThe First Flower Sea Net Red FestivalInvited from home and abroad30Many cities of the net red, bigV, six platforms joint live broadcast, tens of millions of exposure and click, letBijie TourismClimb to the top of the travel list of platforms such as Weibo, and jointly created an epic and magnificent marketing masterpiece, which directly brought fire to Bijie.May DaySmall holiday tourist market.

5Month7On the day, the sea of azaleas blooms brilliantly and attractsCNNPassionate Reports Surprise World Tourists in ChinaHuahai Bijie. PreviouslyCNNOverseas media have also reported on Bijie many times.

5Month14On the same day, People's Daily published "Bijie Innovative Tourism Marketing Helps Poverty Alleviation", praising Bijie City this year.Internet+Whole Area TourismFor the path, innovative tourism marketing methods, promote industrial poverty alleviation work, reflecting the central media's attention and positive evaluation of Bijie related work.

5Month25Japan, China International Big Data Industry Expo, specially putWisdom TourismThe sub-forum will be held in Bijie, so that Bijie tourism will be directly exposed to the global spotlight, help in greater depth, and seek a new development path for Bijie's global tourism in the era of digital economy.

Enter6month,Huahai BijieAnother good news! "China National Geographic" specially publishes "Bijie Special Issue", which reports Bijie's unique tourism resources from all directions and angles, and deeply promotes Bijie tourism to high-end tourists across the country.Chongqing People Travel to BijieHe also boarded the comprehensive examination questions of the college entrance examination, which made Bijie tourism popular again and swept the screen all over the country overnight.


This timeBijie Tourist Source Media Interview Lineactivities,35Home source media will vigorously promote the unique charm of Bijie summer tour to help Bijie tourism winSummer Offensive, drivenHuahai BijieThe brand is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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