The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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2023 Announcement on Rental of Shops in Jiuciping Scenic Area


Guizhou Roof Ridge Jiucaiping Company plans to rent shops in the commercial area of Jiucaiping Scenic Area through public bidding according to relevant requirements. The specific matters concerning this rental are hereby notified as follows:
      Introduction of 1. Scenic Spot
Asilixi Jiucaiping Scenic Area in Guizhou Province, also known as Da Jiuciping Scenic Area, is located at the junction of Xingfa Township, Shuitangbao Township, and Baiguo Town in the southwest of Hezhang County, Guizhou Province. It is about 3 kilometers away from the exit of Xingfa Station on Heliu Expressway. The altitude is between 2300 meters and 2778 meters, and the main peak is 2777 meters above sea level. It is the fifth highest peak in Guizhou. The scenic spot covers an area of 80 square kilometers and was awarded the national 4A tourist attraction in August 2017. With more than 100000 mu of plateau platform covered with wild leeks as the main body, the scenic spot is the largest contiguous wild leek flower belt in the world, and it is the only wild leek flower reserve in China. It is known as "Chinese wild leek-the hometown of many stars". It has high scientific research value and aesthetic value, and is known as "the sapphire of the earth, Provence of the East". Jiucaiping scenic spot is also a typical representative of "mountain park province · colorful Guizhou style" and an important part of "Dongtianfudi · Huahai Bijie. The beautiful scenery of the scenic spot attracts 250000 tourists from all over the country every year. The period from late July to October of each year is the peak period of human flow, which is a high-quality place for the operation of characteristic catering and tourism products.
     Overview of 2. shops


Note: Due to the impact of the epidemic last year, all shops in the scenic area to last year's old merchants in accordance with the national policy to refund part of the rent at the same time to implement the priority lease renewal policy, in order to make up for the scenic area operating old merchants, so some shops in the scenic area have been renewed, the specific remaining shops to the actual prevail, the remaining shops will be all open for auction.


       Distribution of 3. Shops
In line with the concept of high-quality sustainable development, while providing high-quality business places for merchants, it also meets the needs of scenic tourists for "eating, living, traveling, traveling, shopping and entertainment. In order to enable merchants to develop in the scenic spot for a long time and avoid vicious competition caused by single format, the scenic spot will divide the commercial area into the market, reasonably allocate the commercial area format, and provide different commodities for customers to choose and buy. The specific distribution map of the format is as follows:

     Time and manner of 4. hire
1. Registration time: July 17, 2023 to July 22, 2023.
2. Margin. The bid deposit of 4000 yuan will be paid upon registration. If the bid is unsuccessful, it will be refunded in full. After the auction is successful, a shop lease contract should be signed with the scenic spot within three days. If you abstain from bidding for your own reasons or fail to perform the contract at the agreed time, it shall be deemed to have abandoned the lease and the deposit shall not be refunded. After the auction is successful, the deposit 4000 yuan will be directly converted into the operating deposit.
3. Place of application: Jiucaiping Scenic Area Office or Office on the second floor of 7 shops
4. Bidding time: July 23, 2023 (postponed in case of weather)
5. Contract signing time: July 23, 2023 to May 23, 2024. The lease period of the store is 10 months. (Every year in June and July for the shop building maintenance time)
6. Bidding Method for Rent: On-site bidding method is adopted. According to the shop number, the bid price for each round starts from 500 yuan, and the highest price will be obtained.
      Notice to 5. Merchants
1. After the lease agreement is reached, the deposit paid at the time of registration will be converted into the operating deposit during the lease period. If the merchant operates and manages as required, the deposit will be refunded in full after the lease expires. If there is any violation of relevant regulations, the corresponding deposit will be deducted from the list of management matters.
2, the signing of the contract must pay all rental costs, the lease period of water and electricity costs can be deducted from the deposit.
3. All rented shops shall operate the designated commodities in accordance with the planning and layout of the commercial district. If they do not operate in accordance with the designated format, they shall deduct the corresponding deposit against the list of management matters, confiscate the commodities not designated for operation, and order immediate rectification. Those who refuse to make rectification will be disqualified from operating, and the scenic spot will unconditionally recover the shop, and the rent will not be refunded.
4. It is strictly prohibited to sublet the shop without permission. If the shop is sublet without permission, the business qualification will be canceled. The scenic spot will unconditionally recover the shop and the rent will not be refunded. The consequences of conflicts and disputes arising from private subletting shall be borne by the merchants themselves.

5. It is strictly forbidden to refit the shops without the approval of the scenic spot. If it is found, it will bear all the losses caused by the unauthorized refit to the scenic spot and cancel the business qualification. The scenic spot will unconditionally recover the shops and the rent will not be refunded.
6. After signing the lease contract with the scenic spot, the operator shall prepare the equipment and facilities required for the operation by himself. If there is any special decoration and equipment, it shall be submitted to the scenic spot for approval before implementation.
7. The operator's vehicle must enter and leave the scenic spot within the specified time, and the vehicle and personnel cannot enter and leave the scenic gate at will during the rest of the time. (Before 8: 00 a.m. and after 19:00 p.m.).
8. Operators should consciously abide by the safety production, environmental sanitation, and personnel management systems of the scenic spot, and should not disrupt the operation order of the scenic spot.
9. All signboards shall be of uniform style and material. All merchants shall prepare the signboard name when signing the agreement. The rest of the advertising of each merchant's products can only be posted after the approval of the scenic spot. The advertising style needs to be unified, and the style fits the characteristics of the scenic spot.
10. The scenic spot will train merchants in their daily dress, service attitude and service terms. Ensure to improve the image of commercial services in scenic spots.
11. Merchants must go through the formalities of business license, health certificate and other relevant documents before carrying out business.
12, goods must be clearly marked price, hang out eye-catching price list. It is forbidden to deceive and kill customers. Once discovered, it will be transferred to relevant departments for disposal.
13. It is forbidden to set up another booth, occupy the road and increase other ancillary facilities that affect the image of the scenic spot. Violators scenic spots will be jointly banned and investigated for responsibility.

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