The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Guizhou Province Asilixi Tourism Development Co., Ltd. openly recruits personnel for talent pool


Guizhou Province Asilixi Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is a state-owned enterprise controlled by the People's Government of Hezhang County. Main business includes scenic area development, operation, tourism real estate development, hotel, catering services, etc. The company has Guizhou Roof Ridge Jiucaiping Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Hezhang County Asilixi Grassland Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Guizhou Asilixi Hot Spring Tourism Operation Investment Co., Ltd., Guizhou Asilixi Tourism Transportation Service Co., Ltd., Hezhang County Zhaojia Engineering Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries, the main business involves scenic spot development and operation, transportation services, project management, etc.
According to the development needs, reported to the competent authorities for approval, the company for the social recruitment of talent pool personnel. details are as follows:
I. Principles of Recruitment
Adhere to the principle of "openness, equality, competition, and selection of the best"; adhere to the principle of two-way selection, suitable personnel and posts, and suitable personnel; adhere to the principle of legality.
     II. Recruitment Position and Quota
There is no limit to the number of positions in the recruitment reserve. For details, please refer to the "Guizhou Province Asirixi Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Public Recruitment of Talent Reserve Personnel Position Table".
     III. Remuneration
At the time of formal employment, according to the specific job level, the monthly salary (including incentive salary) ranges from 5376 yuan to 13312 yuan, and the company pays five insurances and two funds for it.
     IV. Conditions of Recruitment
(I) common conditions
1. Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, love the motherland, ideological progress, good moral character, and abide by the law;
2. The work style is decent, love one's post and respect one's work, and obey the work arrangement;
3. Good health, able to adapt to the job requirements;
4. No criminal record;
5. Not having been punished by Party discipline or government discipline;
6. There are no other circumstances under which recruitment is not allowed under relevant national laws and regulations;
7. College degree or above;
8. Under the age of 35, men and women are not limited. (Date of birth after 20 September 1987)
(II) Specific Conditions
1. Post of Engineering Department
(1) Major in civil engineering, project management, project cost, landscape design and other related majors;
(2) Bachelor degree or above, bachelor's degree, three years or more of work experience can be relaxed to college degree (work experience requires nearly three years of social security payment certificate and the original unit work certificate as supporting materials).
2. Posts in Finance Department
(1) Professional accounting, financial management;
(2) Bachelor degree or above;
(3) Need to hold accounting junior title and above qualification certificate;
(4) need to master the computer.

V. Recruitment Procedures
This recruitment work is carried out in accordance with the procedures of issuing general rules, registration, qualification examination, interview (skill test), reserve and employment.
(I) Issuance of recruitment brochures
On September 20, 2022, for details, please refer to the official website of Assiri Travel Company (website:
(II) Registration
1. Registration time: from September 20, 2022 to the deadline for publication on the company's official website.
2. Registration method:
(1) Online registration is adopted. Candidates must carefully read the recruitment brochure and fill in their relevant information truthfully and completely.
(2) Candidates choose a position to register and pay the registration fee, 50 yuan. Please note "Name ID Number" when paying the registration fee (the two-dimensional code designated by the company is attached). The registration fee is used for examination and related work expenses and will not be refunded once collected.
Those who have signed up for the recruitment of personnel in the talent pool of the tourism company in 2022 and have paid the registration fee meet the recruitment conditions. Those who sign up for the recruitment again will no longer pay the registration fee.
(3) The following materials shall be provided when signing up: the electronic file and scanned copy of the "Application Form for Public Recruitment of Talent Reserve Personnel of Guizhou Asirisi Tourism Development Co., Ltd.", the electronic scanned copy of my valid resident ID card, my graduation certificate, degree certificate, professional qualification certificate, social security payment certificate for nearly three years and the original unit work certificate for those with work experience shall be provided as supporting materials, and my recent bareheaded positive color photo (jpg format). After the above materials are scanned by the applicant, the file compression package will be sent to the special mailbox for this recruitment, with the mailbox account number of (the mail naming format is the name of the job to be applied for).
(4) Incomplete information or incomplete filling shall be deemed to have given up the qualification for recruitment; Delivery through other channels, unsuccessful mailbox delivery, delivery beyond the registration time, and failure to pay the registration fee shall be deemed invalid.
(III) Qualification Examination
After the registration work is completed, organize the examination of candidates' registration qualifications. Applicants must truthfully provide their relevant information and materials. If the materials provided are incomplete or violate the relevant provisions of this recruitment brochure, their qualifications will be canceled. Qualification review runs through the entire recruitment process. If it is found that candidates deliberately conceal important personal information or provide false information in any aspect of recruitment, they will be disqualified from applying and hiring, and they will be held responsible.
(IV) Interview (Skills Test)
The interview (skill test) plan will be notified separately, subject to the official website of Asirisi Travel Company.
(V) Reserves
After the interview, according to the qualified scores (60 points and above) from high to low ranking, enter the corresponding post talent pool, and publicize it on the official website of Asirisi Tourism Company. If there is any objection during the publicity period and it is verified to be true, the qualification for entering the next stage will be canceled.
(VI) Employment
1. Negotiate. When the Company and its subsidiaries need to employ personnel in relevant positions, they shall formulate specific employment conditions according to the relevant requirements of the positions, and notify the personnel who meet the employment conditions from the corresponding talent pool to conduct interviews in descending order of interview (skill test) scores. If you are willing to join, enter the next link. If you are unwilling to enter the job, select the next person in order of achievement to negotiate until the required quota is reached. During the reserve period, those who are unwilling to join the company after two consecutive negotiations shall be removed from the corresponding talent pool.
2. Physical examination. Successful negotiation personnel conduct physical examination in public hospitals at or above the county level and submit physical examination reports. Those who do not attend the physical examination at the prescribed time and place and submit the physical examination report shall be deemed to have given up automatically.
3. Investigation. A comprehensive inspection shall be conducted on the qualified personnel for physical examination, and the certificate of no illegal and criminal record issued by the public security organ of the place of household registration shall be provided within the specified time.
4. Publicity. After passing the inspection, the list of personnel to be employed will be publicized on the official website of Asirisi Tourism Company. If there is no objection at the expiration of the publicity period, the employment agreement shall be signed according to the procedures.
The above-mentioned employment procedures shall be subject to the scheme at the time of employment.
     6. related requirements
(1) The validity period of the talent pool shall not be less than 1 year in principle. If supplementary recruitment is required for less than one year due to special reasons, the new recruiters can be filled in turn according to their results. After one year, those who are re-recruited will be able to participate in the re-ranking test and will no longer pay the registration fee.
(2) this open recruitment work is subject to the supervision of the discipline Inspection Commission at a higher level, as well as the supervision of the news media and all sectors of society, and resolutely put an end to the occurrence of fraud and malpractice for personal gain. Once the violations of discipline in the recruitment work are verified, the responsible persons shall be seriously investigated and dealt with and held accountable.
Supervision telephone number: 0857-3230016 (Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Company)
Tel: 0857-3221796 (Human Resources Department)
(3) In the recruitment process, except for the recruitment brochure, all other information shall be subject to the official website of Asirisi Travel Company. Please pay close attention to the relevant information. The consequences caused by the failure of the candidate to read shall be borne by the candidate.
the company charges two dimensional code:

Annex I: Job Table

Annex II: Application Form

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