The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Announcement on Investment Invitation for Shops in Jiuciping Scenic Spot in 2022


The peak tourist season is approaching. In order to further straighten out the management, standardize the order of the scenic spot, and give full play to the "function" and "service" role of the existing venues and equipment and facilities in the scenic spot, in line with the principles of openness, fairness and justice, it is planned to open the "shops in Jiucaiping Scenic spot" to the public for rent. The relevant matters are now announced as follows:
     Overview of 1. scenic spots
Asilixi Jiucaiping Scenic Area in Guizhou Province, also known as Da Jiuciping Scenic Area, is located at the junction of Xingfa Township, Shuitangbao Township, and Baiguo Town in the southwest of Hezhang County, Guizhou Province. It is about 3 kilometers away from the exit of Jiucaiping Station on Heliu Expressway. The altitude is between 2300 meters and 2777 meters, and the main peak is 2777 meters above sea level. It is the fifth highest peak in Guizhou. The scenic spot covers an area of 80 square kilometers and was awarded the national 4A tourist attraction in August 2017. With more than 100000 mu of plateau platform covered with wild leeks as the main body, the scenic spot is the largest contiguous wild leek flower belt in the world, and it is the only wild leek flower reserve in China. It is known as "Chinese wild leek-the hometown of many stars". It has high scientific research value and aesthetic value, and is known as "the sapphire of the earth, Provence of the East". Jiucaiping scenic spot is also a typical representative of "mountain park province · colorful Guizhou style" and an important part of "Dongtianfudi · Huahai Bijie. The beautiful scenery of the scenic spot attracts more than 250000 tourists from all over the country every year. The crowd is mainly from Sichuan, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Yunnan, Beijing and other places. The National Day period from mid-July to October every year is the peak period of human flow, with an average daily human flow of more than 5000 people and tens of thousands of people on Saturdays and Sundays. It is a high-quality place for the operation of specialty catering and tourism products.

Distribution of 2. ShopsIn line with the concept of high-quality and sustainable development, while providing high-quality business places for merchants, it also meets the needs of scenic tourists for "eating, living, traveling, traveling, shopping and entertainment. The business district will be divided into the city, the business district format will be reasonably allocated, and different commodities will be provided for customers to purchase repeatedly, so that all merchants can develop in the long run in the scenic spot. The specific distribution map of the format is as follows:

3. shop overview:
New business district in (I)

Building Number and Category

Facilities in the building and surrounding facilities


Starting price/Yuan



1No. (heavy catering area)

Dining area, operation room, public dining table, chair and bench

Operation room12.5

Public Dining Area150


Heavy catering (fried dishes, fried rice, hot pot, sheep soup pot, noodles)


2No. (Light Catering Area)

national culture        Promenade ,

Backyard space (tables and chairs can be placed)

Small operation room8

Large operation room15

Public eaves Corridor Dining Area138

Small shop8000

Large shop15000

Light catering, snack class


3No. (comprehensive)

  Commercial Plaza,

1.5rice eaves




Light Catering Class

Creative Catering


Supermarket class


4No. (comprehensive)

Commercial Plaza,

1.5rice eaves,


Small shop10

Large shop20

Small shop10000

Large shop16000


5No. (non-catering)

Next to the toilet



Clothing cloaks and special handicrafts and other non-catering industries


6No. (comprehensive)

Next to the ticket hall



The performance with ethnic characteristics (which can enjoy the preferential policy of rent reduction and exemption) needs to provide a business plan and compete separately.


7No. (specialty)

Scenic exit,

1.5rice eaves,

Shopping Trail



Special products, fruits, dried fruits, etc.



Among them, buildings 1 and 2 are concentrated catering areas, while other buildings are scattered with light catering formats.

(II) Parking Cabin
     This area will be restarted if necessary after all the shops in the newly-built commercial area are auctioned. Only the old merchants in Zhongying Village will bid in 2021.

Building Number and Category

Facilities in the building and surrounding facilities


Starting price/Yuan



Original cabin

Operation room, no dining area

1 parking lot intersection



Roasted potato, sweet potato, corn and other local farm snacks



Time and manner of 4. hire
1. Registration time: July 9, 2022 to July 19, 2022.
2. Deposit: The bid deposit of 2000 yuan will be paid upon registration. If the bid is unsuccessful, it will be refunded in full. After the auction is successful, a lease contract must be signed with the scenic spot within three days. Waiver of bidding or failure to perform the contract at the agreed time shall be deemed to have waived the lease and the deposit shall not be refunded. After the auction is successful, the deposit 2000 yuan will be directly converted into the operating deposit.
3. Registration place: Jiucaiping ticketing hall or scenic spot office (right side of ticketing hall)
4. Registration telephone numbers: 18829080721 (Cao) and 18798337961 (gold)
0857-3227089 (Scenic Area Office)
5. Bidding time: July 20, 2022.
6. Contract signing time: July 21, 2022 to July 23, 2022. The lease period of the store is 10 months (July 20, 2022 to May 19, 2023).
7. Bidding method for rent: The bidding method is on-site. According to the starting price of the shop number, the bidding price starts from 500 yuan per round, and the highest price will be obtained.
Notice to 5. Merchants
1. After the lease agreement is reached, the business owner shall pay a deposit of 2000 yuan on the spot for subsequent payment of fees and management deposit in terms of sanitation, water and electricity. If the business owner operates and manages according to the requirements, the deposit shall be returned after the lease expires. If there is any violation of the relevant provisions, the corresponding margin will be deducted against the list of management matters. All rental costs must be paid at the time of signing the contract.
2. All rented shops shall operate the designated commodities in accordance with the planning and layout of the commercial district. If they do not operate in accordance with the designated format, the corresponding deposit shall be deducted from the notification list against the management items, and the commodities not designated for operation shall be confiscated, and immediate rectification shall be ordered. Those who refuse to make rectification will be disqualified from operating, and the scenic spot will unconditionally recover the shop, and the rent will not be refunded.
3. It is strictly prohibited to sublet the shop without permission. If the shop is sublet without permission, the business qualification will be canceled. The scenic spot will unconditionally recover the shop and the rent will not be refunded. The consequences of conflicts and disputes arising from private subletting shall be borne by the merchants themselves.
4. It is strictly forbidden to refit the shops without the approval of the scenic spot. If it is found, it will bear all the losses caused by the unauthorized refit to the scenic spot and cancel the business qualification. The scenic spot will unconditionally recover the shops and the rent will not be refunded.
5. After signing the lease contract with the scenic spot, the operator shall make necessary business preparations on his own. If there is any special decoration and equipment, it can only be implemented with the consent of the scenic spot.
6. The operator's vehicle must enter and leave the scenic spot within the specified time, and the vehicle and personnel cannot enter and leave the scenic gate at will during the rest of the time. (Before 8: 00 a.m. and after 19:00 p.m.).
7. Operators should consciously abide by the safety production, environmental sanitation, and personnel management systems of the scenic spot, and should not disrupt the operation order of the scenic spot.
8. All signboards shall be of uniform style and material. All merchants shall prepare the signboard name when signing the agreement, and the scenic spot shall make it free of charge. The rest of the advertising of each merchant's products can only be posted after the approval of the scenic spot. The advertising style needs to be unified, and the style fits the characteristics of the scenic spot.
9. The scenic spot makes relevant costumes for merchants in a unified way, and trains merchants in the scenic spot on their daily clothes, service attitudes and service terms. Ensure to improve the image of commercial services in scenic spots.
10. Merchants must apply for business license, health certificate and other certificates before starting business.
11, the goods must be clearly marked price, hang out the price list of the purpose.
12. All scenic spots are prohibited from setting up separate booths and adding other ancillary facilities that affect the image of the scenic spot. Violators scenic spots will be jointly banned and investigated for responsibility.
     6. preferential policy
1. All individual shops can reduce or exempt 21% of the contract rent after the lease is completed.
2. For the old merchants operating in Jiucaiping in Zhongying Village of Xingfa Township in 2021, in addition to the 21% rent reduction, the rent will be reduced by 10%.
     Note: For bidding by the old merchants in Zhongying Village, I need to register with the original ID card, the lease contract of the previous year and my business license. It is forbidden to lend certificates to foreigners under false names to enjoy preferential policies. If there is any loan, once verified, all preferential policies will be canceled, and the preferential policies that villagers should enjoy when operating in scenic spots in the future will be canceled.

The announcement of the final interpretation of all leek ping scenic spot.

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