The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Announcement on Rental of Shops in Asirisi Ertaipo (Prairie) Scenic Area


Shops in Asirisi Ertaipo (Prairie) Scenic Area for Rent

The majority of merchants:
In order to enhance the overall image of the scenic spot and standardize the management, enhance the tourists' experience, effectively promote the development of the surrounding people, and at the same time embody the principles of fairness, justice and openness, our company has decided to open the following shops to the public for rent.
     Introduction of 1. shops
1. Gourmet shops (tensioned membrane structure): 7 in number, each with an area of 22.23 ㎡.
2. Shopping centers: 15 in number, including 2 supermarkets with an area of 32.64 ㎡ each; The other 13 facades with an area of 11.27 ㎡ each; The public area is 263.16 ㎡.
3.6 sets of potato stalls with an area of 8 ㎡.
   Time and manner of 2. hire
1. The lease time is 1 year.
2. Rental method: auction (deposit 2000 yuan shall be paid upon registration. If the auction is unsuccessful, it will be refunded after the meeting. If the auction is successful but the contract is not fulfilled, the deposit will not be refunded.)
3. Registration time: March 2 to March 11, 2022
4. Place of application: Ertaipo Scenic Area Office
5. Bidding time: March 13, 2022. The specific bidding plan will be formulated separately.
     3. the policy of enriching the people
Potato stalls are for the care of the surrounding villagers. There are 6 sets of equipment in total and the price is 1800 yuan/year. If there are 6 more participants, lots will be drawn to determine the number of stalls. The rest will not be allowed to set up stalls in scenic spots.
   4. Rent Rules
1. The bidding price of gourmet shops starts at 8000 yuan, starting at 300 yuan per round, and the highest price will be obtained;
2. The auction price of the shopping center facade starts at 10000 yuan and that of the supermarket starts at 20000 yuan. Each round of bidding starts at 500 yuan, and the higher the price will be.
3. After the lease agreement is reached, the operating households shall pay 2000 yuan of operating deposit to ensure the management of follow-up sanitation, water, electricity and other aspects. If the operating households operate and manage according to the requirements, the deposit shall be returned after the lease expires.
4. All rented shops are limited to the personal use of the operators. Subletting is strictly prohibited without the permission of the scenic spot (if subletting without permission, the scenic spot can recover the unified management at any time).
5. After signing the lease contract with the scenic spot, the operator shall make necessary business preparations on his own. If there is any special decoration and equipment, the implementation can only be carried out with the consent of the scenic spot. The whole business process shall be managed by himself and production and operation shall be carried out according to the requirements of the scenic spot.
6. After the operators enter the scenic spot to carry out business activities, the time for goods to enter and leave is arranged before 9:00 a.m. and after 19:00 p.m. every day. Vehicles and personnel cannot enter and leave the gate of the scenic spot at will for the rest of the time. They consciously abide by the safety production, environmental sanitation, management of personnel entering and leaving the scenic spot and other systems and cannot disturb the operation order of the scenic spot.
7. The operation mode with large pollution is strictly prohibited from entering the scenic spot to cause environmental pollution. Six temporary mobile stalls will be added to the operation of farmers for burning potato.
8. The style of shops in the scenic spot is unified, the advertising style of merchants and products is unified, and the style conforms to the characteristics of the scenic spot.
9. Merchants shall unify their work clothes and train the daily dress, service attitude and service terms of scenic spot merchants. Ensure to improve the image of catering services in scenic spots
10. Businesses must apply for business licenses, staff must apply for health certificates, and commodities must be clearly marked.
For details, please refer to the auction plan.
Tel: 18685778444 Mr. Xu


Hezhang County Asirisi Grassland Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
March 1, 2022

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