The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Asirisi tourist area, marketing award waiting for you!!!!!


Short video marketing incentives


In order to encourage people from all walks of life to participate in the promotion of Guizhou Asirisi Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to:"Our company") under the scenic spots, the special formulation of this approach:

One,Reward object

Using trembles and fast hands to publish short videos, the content of the works conforms to the provisions of these Measures, including the personal number and the enterprise number.


    1、 Publicize our company's Jiucai Ping, Ertaipo, Jiugu Water Temperature Spring Paradise, Millennium Rhododendron Scenic Spots and various commercial projects:

    2,The content of the work is healthy and upward,shall not containVulgar and reactionary violence, without racial and religious discriminationshall not violate national laws and regulations;

    3、Works must be original, plagiarism, plagiarism of other people's works is strictly prohibited, once found immediately cancel the qualification,Recover Prizes (Prizes) that have been awarded;

    4、Works involvingAnyLawDisputes,OverviewByPublishThe person shall bear the relevant responsibility.;

    5、Flow of works(including number of likes, comments and forwarding)MustMust be natural flow, it is strictly prohibited to takePayPush the epidemic.




1. If the data of the works meet the following standards, they can participate in the selection through the application of the author or the invitation of the company:


Number of likes

Number of Comments

Number of forwards

Candidate Award

Way of reward

100Ten thousand times+

5Ten thousand times+

10Ten thousand times+

Grand Prize

Bonus10Ten thousand yuan

90-100Ten thousand times

4.5-5Ten thousand times

9-10Ten thousand times

First Prize

Bonus8Ten thousand yuan

70-90Ten thousand times

3.5-4.5Ten thousand times

7-9Ten thousand times

Second prize

Bonus6Ten thousand yuan

50-70Ten thousand times

2.5-3.5Ten thousand times

5-7Ten thousand times

Third Prize

Bonus4Ten thousand yuan

30-50Ten thousand times

1.5-2.5Ten thousand times

3-5Ten thousand times

Fourth prize

Bonus2Ten thousand yuan

10-30Ten thousand times

0.5-1.5Ten thousand times

1-3Ten thousand times

Fifth prize

Bonus1Ten thousand yuan

2-10Ten thousand times

0.1-0.5Ten thousand times

0.2-1Ten thousand times

Excellence Award

Bonus0.1Ten thousand yuan





Encouragement Award

Pass for 3 scenic spots




2 Scenic Pass




1 Scenic Pass

Note: If two of the data of the number of likes, comments and forwards meet the standard, you can enter. The above data are calculated from the upper bound.

2. The author's application method. After the works are published, they can apply to our company to participate in the award (contact information, telephone number:0857-3225311, WeChat Public Number: Asirisi Tourist Area);

3, the company invitation method. The company searches through relevant platforms and finds works that meet the selection conditions of these Measures, and may issue an invitation to the author to solicit the author's own opinions, and be included in the participating list after the author agrees. If the search is missing or cannot contact the author, the company does not assume any responsibility;

4. Selection: After the number of entries reaches a certain number, the company's selection team will select a certain proportion of outstanding entries from the participating entries in accordance with the principle of fairness and justice, and give corresponding rewards. The selection indicators mainly include the correlation between works and scenic spots, market transformation and content compliance.

5. In principle, the same work will only be awarded once. If the index data of the work rises sharply after winning the award, the author can also participate in the next batch of selection according to the new data upon application and approval by the company. However, the part already received shall be deducted when the bonus is cashed.



4. related preferential policies

(1) The following people can visit the scenic spots of our company without tickets, transportation tickets and self-operated accommodation expenses;

1. The author who has won the third prize or above for his published works;

2, the fans.50W or more, bloggers who publish more than one short video to publicize our company's scenic spots.

(2) The following people can visit our company's scenic spots free of tickets and transportation tickets.

1. The author who has won the fourth prize and the fifth prize for his published work;

2, the fans.5W or more, bloggers who publish more than one short video to publicize our company's scenic spots.

5.This methodCan be revised at any time and in Guizhou ProvinceAsilisiTRAVEL DEVELOPMENT LIMITEDOfficerFangNetStation and WeChat Public NumberRelease,Any information not published on the website and public number will not be recognized by the company.

6. These Measures shall not apply to Guizhou ProvinceAsilisiOfficial employees of Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and its subordinate companies and holding companies.


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