The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Announcement of our company on the public recruitment of staff


Guizhou Province Asirisi Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Announcement on Public Recruitment of Staff



Department of Guizhou Province Asirisi Tourism Development Co., Ltd.Hezhang County People's Government is a wholly state-owned enterprise, and its business scope is: investment and construction of tourist attractions, operation and management, and commercial real estate and cultural industry development. Existing employees of the company150 people with total assets of 3.5 billion yuan. The scenic spots currently under development and operation include Asilisi · Jiucaiping Scenic Area, Asilisi · Ertaipo Scenic Area, Jiugeshui Hot Spring Tourism Resort, Millennium Rhododendron Scenic Area and Jiucaiping River Drift Scenic Area.

In order to further enrich the company's talent team and ensure the company's scenic operation needs, after research, it was decided to openly recruit enterprise contract staff from the public.4, the specific matters are hereby announced as follows.

1. recruitment plan and number of positions

This time a total of recruitment scenic commentatorsFour.

2.Remuneration and treatment

Probation period of two months, salary5000 yuan/month. According to the company's salary system, depending on my technical level and working ability, I can be assessed as grade 5, grade 4 and grade 3 technical posts, with monthly salary (including incentive salary) of 5376 yuan, respectively,7608Yuan,8780 yuan, the company paid five insurances and two funds for it to protect other relevant welfare benefits.

Principles of 3. Recruitment

Adhere to the principles of openness, fairness, impartiality and merit.

4.Recruitment qualifications and conditions

(I) have the People's Republic of China nationality;

(II) support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, implement the Party's line, principles and policies, abide by the law and have good conduct;

(III) good health, no major diseases and genetic diseases affecting work;

(4) There is no record of violations of laws, crimes, or violations of discipline, and there is no situation where relevant national laws and regulations stipulate that recruitment to state-owned enterprises is not allowed;

(V) education: full-time bachelor degree or above;

(VI) age:18-35 years of age;

(VII) Putonghua Class II A and above.

5. recruitment procedures and methods

This recruitment is carried out according to the following procedures: release recruitment information→ Registration → Interview → Political Examination and Physical Examination → Entry Procedures.

(I) recruitment information release. Registration information in Bijie Municipal People's Government Network (,Hezhang County People's Government Network (, Guizhou Province Asirisi Tourism Development Co., Ltd. official website ( to release. Since then, all kinds of information such as notice and publicity of each recruitment link have been released on the official website of Guizhou Asirisi Tourism Development Co., Ltd,The consequences arising from the examinee's failure to read shall be borne by the examinee.

(II) Registration and Qualification Examination

1,Registration time: August 20207DayAugust13Day(Morning8:30-12:00, 14:30-18:00 p.m..

2、Place of application: North Building, Convention and Exhibition Center, Xicheng District, Hezhang County230Room

3、Registration method: fill in the registration form on site, and each applicant will receive a registration fee.100 yuan.

4、I need to provide the following materials when signing up:

(1) Resident Identity CardOriginal and copy;

(2) Original diplomaand copies;

(3) Original Putonghua Certificateand copies.

5. Qualification examination

A preliminary examination will be conducted at the time of registration. After the registration work is completed, the recruitment leading group will review the qualification for the examination. If it is found that the materials submitted by the examinee are not true or the application form is filled incorrectly, which leads to the inability to determine whether it can be referred to, the examination qualification of the examinee will be canceled. Qualification review runs through the entire open application work. If it is found that the qualifications of applicants do not meet the requirements in any link in the open recruitment process, their qualifications can be canceled at any time.


1) Direct interview. After the qualification examination, the recruitment leading group will decide the interview method according to the number of reference personnel. If the number of references is small and it is suitable for direct interview to determine the ranking, a direct interview will be held,From the interview resultsAmong the candidates with more than 90 points (including 90 points), the top four will be selected to enter the political examination and physical examination according to the order from high to low, and those with less than 90 points will be eliminated directly.

Second round of interviews. If there are a large number of references, the examination will be conducted by means of two rounds of interviews. Specific methods are:

The first round of interviews. Implementation of group elimination. The reference personnel were randomly divided into several groups, and each group decided the top 5 to enter the second round of interview.

Second round of interview. All the people who entered the second round of interviews were interviewed in a group,From the interview resultsAmong the candidates with more than 90 points (including 90 points), the top four will be selected to enter the political examination and physical examination according to the order from high to low, and those with less than 90 points will be eliminated directly.

3. The time and place of the interview will be notified separately.

(IV)Political review and physical examination

1, political review. Interview shortlisted personnelIt is necessary to provide the recruiting unit with a certificate of no criminal record, a party member or a person currently working in a state agency, institution, or state-owned enterprise, and a certificate of no violation of discipline by the party committee or service unit to which he belongs.

2、Physical examination. Interview shortlisted personnel refer to the "General Standards for Physical Examination for Civil Servants"(Trial) "provides for physical examination in public hospitals at or above the county level, and the cost of physical examination shall be borne by me.

3. If the shortlisted interviewees fail to submit their political examination materials or physical examination reports within the specified time, they shall be deemed to have automatically given up their application qualifications; if candidates are found to have committed fraud, violations of law and discipline during the political examination and physical examination, the recruiting unit may cancel their application qualifications. Due to the above-mentioned situation, the recruitment unit can fill in the vacancies in turn from the personnel with interview scores above 90.

(V) for entry formalities

For those who pass the political examination and medical examination, the recruiting unit shall sign a trial contract with them. After the signing of the trial contract, the recruitment work is over. When the employee leaves or is dismissed, the vacant position will no longer be filled from this recruitment.

6. other matters

Supervision of (I) work. This open recruitment work invites superior discipline inspection(Supervision) departments supervise and guide, and at the same time accept the supervision of the news media and all sectors of society, and resolutely put an end to the occurrence of fraud and malpractices for personal gain. If the staff members have dereliction of duty, violation of discipline and regulations, they shall be strictly investigated and dealt with; if the examinee has practiced fraud and other violations, his qualification for application shall be canceled, and those who have been employed shall be dismissed.

(II) matters not covered in this recruitment work shall be studied and decided by the recruitment leading group and notified separately.

Contact: Ms. Sun

Telephone:0857-3221796  15585944498

Supervision Phone:15268632561 (Inspection Room)


Guizhou Province Asirisi Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

August 6, 2020

Attachment: Click here to download the registration form


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