The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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The company was established on September 18, 2007, Hezhang County is committed to the development of tourism and cultural industry, a wholly state-owned enterprise.

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Asiri West Jiucaiping Scenic Area Launks 2020 Comprehensive Rescue Exercise for Tourism Safety Production


Asiri West Leek Ping Scenic Area

Carry outYear 2020Comprehensive Rescue Exercise for Tourism Safety Production

June 30, 2020 afternoon,Asiri West Leek Ping Scenic AreaOrganizationTo carry out a comprehensive rescue exercise for tourism safety production, this exercise was carried outJiuciping Scenic spot was organized and carried out, and some leaders of the County Emergency Management Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau, Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, Special Police Brigade, Xingfa Township Police Station and other units came to guide, and all the staff of the scenic spot participated. The comprehensive rescue exercise of production safety is divided into four items, aiming to improve the awareness of tourism safety, strictly implement the safety responsibility, and make every effort to weave the tourism safety protection network of Jiucaiping scenic spot.

Exercise 1:Anti-riot terrorist drill

Exercise to simulate violent terrorists carrying knives and premeditated entryLeek PingScenic tourist center to implement violent terrorist activities as the background. During the drill, after the terrorists were stopped by the security, they took out knives and carried out on-site tourists and staff.AttackThe scenic spot immediately started the emergency plan, and the staffOrderlyEvacuate tourists,At the same time, the public security police andandScenic spotSecurity personnelrapid response, close cooperation,With steel fork,violence.Shield and other defenseviolence.ToolsWilluniform of violent terrorists,SuccessRescue the tourists.

Exercise 2: Fire Emergency Evacuation Exercise

This itemExercise modeProposedService Hall Business AreaCaused by improper use of fire by merchantsFire occurrence,After discovering the fire,Scenic spotTimely activation of emergency plans,Fire fighting group,Evacuation Guidance Group,Safety rescue groupCommunication Contact Group,Logistics Support Team,Security Alert GroupQuick response, the first time to rush to the presentFieldOrganize to carry out firesaveWork and TouristsEvacuationWork,through just a few minutes of timeeffectivegroundControlIt'sFireand safeRescueIt'sTrappedPersonnel.

Exercise 3: Ropleway Emergency Rescue Exercise

Drill simulation cablewayA mechanical failure between bracket 2 and bracket 3 caused the visitor to be trapped.After receiving the reportScenic spotPerson in chargeQuicklyCommandStart the rescue emergency plan,At the same time, the rescue organizations are required to quickly get in place and use the ropeway station.BroadcastSoothe TrappedTourists,The restRescuers arrived at the scene the first time, throughT-frame rescue method, descent rescue method to carry out rescue,By10 minutes of successUse the descent device to keep tourists safeSendOn the ground, the ground support staff immediately comforted the tourists, and then sent them to a safe area. The medical staff immediately checked the health status of the trapped people"Injured tourists" were taken to the hospital.

Exercise 4: Emergency Rescue Exercise for Sightseeing Vehicles:

This itemThe drill simulates the brake failure of the sightseeing bus off the road. After the accident, the scenic spot quickly started the rescue emergency plan, and the rescuers arrived at the scene to evacuate as soon as possibleSwimGuest, start rescue, security personnel immediately carry out regional traffic control, scenic medical personnel quickly"Injured tourists" treat wounds. In the end,The accident was properly handled.

After the exercise, the person in charge of the scenic spot made a summary and comment on the exercise. He pointed out that the various items of this exerciseWalkthroughAllFromScenic spotactual starting point, Pay attention to actual combat, pertinence, systematicness, comprehensiveness, comprehensive content, coordination and cooperation of all departments participating in the exerciseIn place,andThe successful completion of the exercise content.He stressed that the scenic area of all personnelThrough this comprehensive exercise, the cooperation ability of the scenic rescue team and the emergency department to deal with emergencies has been further improved,Further upgradeJiucaiping scenic area tourism safety production management and the ability to deal with emergency emergencies.

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