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The Spring Festival painting contest of liu CAI ping

2018/05/16 16:49

One land and water nurtures a nation

A culture breeds a style

As the New Year approaches


Meet leek ping

Say goodbye to 2016 in an art form

To meet the 2017

Hand-painted a thick album of paintings of the year

Will be full of "good luck" to take home!


For better information rich people's spiritual and cultural life, let the county the people lead a busy and happy and peaceful Spring Festival, the kiosk in guizhou west tourism development co., LTD., during the Spring Festival in the kiosk, Chinese chives ping scenic area "Chinese chives ping chun painting contest" activities.



 I. activity theme: leek ping spring painting contest

 Ii. Activity time: January 29, 2017 solstice February 3

 Iii. Location: asily · chileping scenic area (zhongying village, xingfa township, hezhang county, guizhou province)

Four, activity form: drawing any species, the contestants regional unlimited, painting activities children group (7 years old and under) and adolescents (7 years old to 25 years old), centralized and paint the scene, the judges the field grade evaluation.

 V. contents of the painting competition: the painting content conforms to the theme of leek ping and asily west.

Vi. Registration method

The activity takes the form of mobile phone short message registration and on-site registration (name, id number, group).

Phone number: Ms. Li :18685762437; Mr. Xu :18786069415.

Vii. Activity arrangement:

13:30-14:00, all the participants will check in at the small square outside the east gate office (security personnel and medical staff will be in place);

14:20-15:30, official competition;

15:50-16:30, awards and awards, the activity is over.

8. Painting and calligraphy competition

The drawing is done in the wild and all the drawing tools are prepared by the participants themselves.

Ix. Awards and bonus Settings



Each group was awarded one first prize and each prize was 1000 yuan. Second prize two, bonus each 600 yuan. Third prize three, bonus each 400 yuan. The prize of excellence is 10 pieces, and the prize is 200 yuan each. Note: during this year's Spring Festival, all participants will be exempted from the charge of cableway, sightseeing bus and ticket. The right of explanation belongs to asilicy tourism development co., LTD.Please pay attention to the official website of the company or WeChat platform of the company. The exact time will be announced the day before the activity.