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[happy golden week. Dream leek ping] play color running explore leek ping public gathered leek ping

[happy golden week. Dream leek ping] play color running explore leek ping public gathered leek ping

2018/05/16 16:42

On October 3, the third day of the National Day long holiday, the most fashionable sport of 2016 was held in assisi leek ping. Citizens, visitors, athletes, nearly a thousand people in the colorful ocean found the joy of childhood! At the launching site and nearly three kilometers of the runway, welling brilliant toner fog, participants through the color of the sea, laughter with colored powder floating on the track and the sky, make the whole activity atmosphere very youthful vitality.



At 9 am on, everybody had post-it number, at the kiosk, Chinese chives ping scenic spot gearing up, dancing with the color powder and the starting gun, wearing the kiosk west, Chinese chives ping t-shirts of runners crossed ribbons, formal run away. Everyone started from the station under the sightseeing bus at a gallant pace and headed for the destination with great force. On the way to run, there is not only a beautiful chive ping yunhai, but also a beautiful autumn landscape on the plateau.

From Oct. 2 to Oct. 6, the scenic area also held a treasure hunt for leek ping

The first step is to find the key to the treasure-house.

Step two: find the door to the treasure-house.

Step three: open the Treasury.

On the 2nd day, a large number of tourists actively participated in this activity, and 37 awards appeared on that day. The visitor who won the prize was ecstatic.