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The 10th and 11th municipal travel and tourism development conference was held in huachzhang weining

The 10th and 11th municipal travel and tourism development conference was held in huachzhang weining

2018/05/16 16:35

  Recently, the reporter learned from the working meeting of the municipal tourism commission that hezhang county and weining autonomous county respectively won the organizing right of the 10th and 11th municipal tourism development conference. This means that the 10th municipal tourism industry development conference will be held in hezhang in 2016, and the 11th municipal tourism industry development conference will be held in weining in 2017.

 It is reported that so far, eight bijie city has successively held the conference on tourism industry development, the HKTB conference has become a bijie city integration of all resources, promote to undertake in infrastructure, ecological environment, hospitality and tourism industry development, etc, to achieve faster development important gripper, has become a unified the city tourism development, improve the tourism environment, tourism influence, boost the city's tourism industry and the important platform for economic and social development. This time, the only hezhang county and weining autonomous county have been respectively held. In recent years, remarkable results have been achieved in promoting the development of the tourism industry, injecting strong impetus to the economic and social development.

 Hezhang county in recent years, vigorously implement the strategy of "cultural tourism xingxian", closely around "the hometown of China cherry" coke "national archaeological site park" "the hometown of Chinese walnut" "wild leek, China - the hometown of many star leek" such as brand, with "two flat (big Chinese chives ping, small Chinese chives ping) sanyuan (garden) (kiosk west prairie, coke national park, hirayama - pond national forest park) (national folk culture)" a culture construction as the main body, with coke national archaeological site park and the kiosk west tourism scenic area construction as the key, the rational allocation of tourism "eat to live line tour for entertainment" six elements, To promote and mountain tourism features efficient agricultural industries such as the depth of the fusion, forge fully embodies "mysterious yelang, relics information" urban style and carrier services, tourism development effect is obvious.

 In 2014, the tourism revenue of hezhang county reached 2.156 billion yuan, an increase of 26.3%. The number of overnight tourists accounted for 38% of the total number of tourists. Next, hezhang will stick to the "development and the ecological" two line, suggested by reform and innovation, continuous innovation hezhang county tourism development mechanism, to promote transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry, and efforts to put the information into the yelang nationality amorous feedings, unique leisure tourism resort.

 In the development of rural tourism, hezhang county has built a rural tourism demonstration site integrating flower appreciation, cherry appreciation and leisure and sightseeing in jiangnan village and zhongzhai village of pingshan township. It has upgraded the basic facilities such as highways and public toilets of tourist attractions in zhongying village and zhongzhai village in xingfa township, providing convenient transportation conditions for tourists and the public to come to dazhou leek ping for sightseeing. A rural tourism demonstration site of laochang ba village, liuquhe town, is built with jingguo as the main rural tourism demonstration site. Build education base for politics of heiji village in hehe town; Efforts were made to build a rural tourism demonstration site of jingguo forest in huangni village, shuitang township. We will build the western village of assili, a township of zhuzhu city. The unique characteristics of February to see cherry, April cherry, August September mountaineering to see leek flowers, view the sea of clouds, four seasons melon and fruit sweet rural natural landscape. Overall rural tourism presents a good situation of continuous development.

 In recent years, weining as the county tourism as the leading industries, as do the main gripper of the third industry, according to the construction of "100 tourist scenic spot" as the breakthrough point, around the "cool grass sea, keeping in good health, lucky, all of the birds, sunshine together" the overall orientation and "a nuclear five area five line" development path, from sightseeing tourism products to multiple formats, development model from scale expansion to paying equal attention to size and quality benefit. The county tourism industry shows a rapid development of a good situation. The total number of tourists received in 2014 was 4.05 million, an increase of 31% over the previous year. The total tourism revenue was 3.799 billion yuan, up 24.7% year on year, ranking the third in the absolute number of tourism revenue and the 28th in the increase of tourism revenue. We will vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry and strive to build weining into a nationally renowned tourist destination.

 On rural tourism development, the winner has worked out the set of "weining county tourism development committee to accelerate the tourism industry to foster a number of ways to support (try out)" and "weining county home stay facility preferential support and management method (trial)", for more than 40 subsidies and support rural tourism enterprises. Weining integrates the main township (street) elements, and makes targeted and order sales with good weather conditions, pollution-free food and original ecological village as the selling point. We will always combine the development of rural tourism with the construction of "four rural areas, beautiful villages", and make the county's rural tourism development plan in a high standard. Construction of "four in the farm, beautiful countryside" to make full use of weining county rural tourism resources, development of rural tourism products has laid a good foundation, demonstration pilot project of rural tourism happiness silver dragon town, river bay, bottom village, fully embodies the rural tourism and the construction of "four in the farm, beautiful countryside" the success of the combination and mutual confluence, these tourist village has now begun to take shape, sightseeing, accommodation, dining can host team. At present, the rural tourism of weining is becoming more and more mature, which promotes the continuous development of weining tourism. In 2014, the county realized total rural tourism revenue of 1.04 billion yuan and received 1.25 million person-times.