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A notice has been issued to postpone the selection of the asilicy tourist area solicitation contest

A notice has been issued to postpone the selection of the asilicy tourist area solicitation contest

2018/05/16 16:32

"Asirisi" is the yi language, which means "we are good friends and we are together". Assilisi represents the hospitality of the yi people, generous and generous, welcoming guests from all corners of the globe. At the same time, it is also the invitation letter sent by hezhang to the whole country and even the whole world. Welcome to hezhang and to assilisi.


Located in hezhang county, northwest of guizhou province, asily west tourist area consists of leek ping, grand prairie, millennium cuckoo, Kowloon valley hot spring, leek ping river rafting and other scenic spots.


In order to further enhance the image of the tourist area and enhance the recognition and reputation of the outside world, we are now recruiting a wide range of "LOGO", "mascot" and "slogan" for the tourism of assili.


1. Collecting units

Guizhou province asily west tourism development co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the company)


2. Deadline for solicitation

From 24 hours on April 20, 2017


3. Submission requirements

All units and individuals participating in the solicitation activities shall provide the following seven aspects:

1. LOGO collection requires a distinctive theme and ethnic characteristics, which can fully reflect the connotation and ethnic cultural essence of asirisi tourism area, and the works should be accompanied by short text description.

2. Mascots collection requires positive meaning, unique design, innovative ideas and distinctive national characteristics. There is no limit to the number of application mascots. One or more cartoon characters are required.

3, publicity collection should be distinct themes, writing concise language, be able to fully embody the basic connotation of research in the west district and typical characteristics, embodies the kiosk west tourism features, conform to the visitors expected in his heart, catchy, has spread of sex. The work should be accompanied by short text description.

4. The submitted works shall be new creations by the author and have not previously published works with intellectual property rights in any form; No material used to create a work for election shall infringe upon any copyright, trademark, exclusive or other rights of a third party, and shall not violate any laws or regulations.

5, works submitted by email, namely the electronic manuscript sent to the designated email @qq.com, 714833398 file name on the author's last name + services content (such as LOGO, mascot, publicity language) ", should be left at the same time the author id number and contact information.

6. The applicant can only submit one of the above items, and the applicant can only submit once.


4. Awards (RMB 80,000 in total)

LOGO adoption award: 1 prize: 30,000 yuan

Mascot adoption award: 1 prize: 20,000 yuan

Advertising language adoption award: 1 prize: 10,000 yuan

First prize: 1 prize: 5,000 yuan

   Second prize: 2 prize: 2500 yuan each

   Third prize: 5 prize: 2000 yuan each


5. Selection method

At the end of the solicitation period, the company will employ relevant experts and relevant industry representatives to form a review panel to evaluate the award. The results will be announced in the bijie daily, the company's official website (http://www.gzaxlxly.com), the company's official WeChat (asily west tourist area) and related media before April 30.


Vi. Contact information

Contact number: 0857-3227089

Contact person: xu legend, Marketing Department of guizhou province asily west tourism development co., LTD

Submission email: 714833398@qq.com


Special statement

1. The applicant who submitted the application to the company shall be deemed to have accepted the entrustment of the company to create the application, and the copyright of the winning application shall be exclusively owned by the company. The company shall enjoy all the copyright provided for in the copyright law of the People's Republic of China in respect of the winning candidate works.

2. The company shall have the right to permanently use the winning application in any form and shall not use the winning application in any form without the consent of the company, including the applicant.

3. There is no registration fee for this activity, and the submitted documents are not refundable.

4. The company will not pay any remuneration or fees to the applicant except for the bonus paid to the applicant in accordance with the relevant provisions of this solicitation scheme.

5. The final interpretation right of this solicitation activity belongs to the company. For details, please visit the company's official website and official WeChat.