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Tens of acres of wild multi-star scorpion, 10,000 hectares of peaks and grasslands, thousands of ethnic villages, ten miles of walled roads, Baijia Shiwai B&B.

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Attention! Aliens come and go! It turned out to be the village of heping back to assisi!


Attention! Aliens come and go! It turned out to be the village of heping back to assisi!

2018/11/15 15:20
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Remember the peace village at last year's music carnival in assilisi?

Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

《All You Need Is Love

Beatles Cover Band - 40 Beatles Classic Hits

It's the workshop that has mobile art/improvisation/arts skills exchange

Artists from all over the world play in this "peace village"

Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

It's a peace village with a creative arts fair from all over the world

Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

That's 30 cigarette butts for rice wine

Garbage classification almost crazy of peace village

Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

It's peace village with old Chinese medicine practitioners from Germany, fat texans from the United States, handsome thais, beautiful little sister web celebrity and the super invincible mixed cute baby

Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

It's the peaceful village that has a wonderful fire dance every night

Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

It is the peace village that the audience, the guest band and the staff all linger


Chive ping scenic spot in hezhang, guizhou

Peace village activity upgrade, in this Mid-Autumn festival, the scene of the music carnival in assilisi, bring better play good-looking wonderful content, keep you happy in this stay, eliminate all city annoyance ~ perhaps still can grab a big piece of freshly baked English bacon ~

Encourage peace village

Love sharing freedom and equality

Live performances and interactive music throughout the day, you can enjoy the joy of acrobatic art, eat and drink "peace village" special food and wine, or bring your own Musical Instruments and improvise with them on the small stage.

Special recommendation

Let's say you see a man with a microphone and he lights up the room

Even excited people with their own blood trough straight through the night

You can go up to him

Who is this? ?


Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

Deejay:  young boss

Nearly 10 years of reggae creation experience, in the form of band started on the Chinese reggae music stage. Joined the dragon brocade band briefly in 2007, and later formed the propeller band and banana king band, and always communicated the faith of peace and love with reggae music. In 2010, I began to study the style of roots raggamuffin-style, and worked with jiang liang's sound system for many times, and as a guest MC to bomb China's major music festivals and performance venues. Young boss moved back to Shanghai from Canada in 2016 to continue his music career in Shanghai.

This time he was begging the peace village to come to the assilisi music festival


Young Boss - DJ Rice Presents: Still in the Streets

Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

Old friends, of course

JAMMALAPeace African drum

The JAMMALA band was founded in Shanghai and its members come from all over the world. In 2006, they started to organize the weekend drum gathering in the park and participate in various public welfare activities to contribute to the development of African drums in China. JAMMALA is also the earliest west African mandingo drum band in China, and later gathered in zhujiajiao to become one of the members of Cape Town heping village. Since its establishment, JAMMALA has been performing in various activities such as music festivals across the country, interviews and performances in TV programs, interviews in magazines, news, online magazines, and performances in brand PV, etc., which have attracted media attention. Know them: I have an ideal peace JAMMALA

Friends who love nature are welcome in heping village

All members of the peace village organization, no matter they come from any country or nationality, share the same idea of respecting the philosophy of "human and nature" and carrying out environmental protection to the end. Remember the beautiful little sister of peace village who picked up cigarette butts on the main stage last year?

Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

Small make up last year really was moved by their behavior to ~ is probably their energy transfer to the alien, this was the arrival of the "Mars" from a group of friends, they organized "alien" environmental protection team, and the declaration of research in the west have no junk "o", if they find you throw rubbish anywhere, should never be tossed them into outer space to ~

But if you're a good friend who loves the environment, he might be able to take you on a hop and bring you the original album from Mars, "there's no trash in assisi", which is a flying experience

The jumping andaman sea

ZzaJ - Jumping andaman sea - hand disheshandpan

Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

Fireplace carnival

The night in the village of peace was warm

If you ever heard of "burning man", this makes the world crazy "holiday", don't miss this kijong-dong fire site, yi is fire, as a fireplace carnival 】 【 last year carnival to anchor a link in the most splendid, this year will be on a night, the kijong-dong in addition to the rich variety of activities during the day, will be transformed into the paradise of the fire at night.

Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

Firelight couple (lu & pablon)

In recent years, lu lu has been the most popular firedance performing artist in various music festivals, mobile art activities, market festivals, etc. She used to be the champion in gymnastics and martial arts competitions. She is good at flame dance and visual control dance, and USES the dao with Poi ball, dragon stick, fire fan, 8-character ring, balance single stick and so on. Her husband, pablo from Argentina, is also a vaudeville artist. He is active in various music festivals, mobile art festivals, communication media activities, international cultural exchange festivals and other performances. Couple firelight couple, last year we had the ASHLEY music carnival.

Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

Fire the nomadic(Zhao Jingwen&PIGNETBertrand)

Zhao jingwen and PIGNETBertrand have been performing in double fire POI since 2012. They have been active in various art activities and music festivals. The performance is very beautiful and requires the fire dance in the form of two-player acrobatics with high mutual trust and tacit understanding. In 2015, fire nomad took its own theater to participate in various activities, and performed together with jugglers, dancers and musicians from all over the world. People who are crazy all over the world know burning man festival, one of the best electronic music festivals in Asia, Thailand ghost island psychedelic electronic music festival, France Jonglagogo vaudeville life party, India vaudeville communication conference, Bali all-eclipse electronic music festival, European vaudeville party and so on all left their wonderful moments.


Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

Small eggs

Sam English smoked whole pig

Sam is a British communicator of sustainable agriculture who travels around the world in more than 20 countries. Over the years, he has spread the idea of permanence to countries and cultures in various climates. At this year's music festival in the village of peace, he will cook the unique local coke pigs for all the coming friends in the traditional British way. You are welcome to have a taste.

They have begun to set up an international peace village. If you like this village as much as I do, you might as well visit the site and maybe help them set up camp villages together and become good friends with these interesting villagers.

For those interested in setting up a peace village, please stamp: the villagers of peace art village have arrived!

Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

With great skill, the peace villagers and their good friends will come from all directions to the peace camp. During the three days of the festival, through the handicraft culture, mobile performance, performance art and vocal music, the local people brought a variety of experiences and laughter.


The big eggs

Assilisi international village of peace

After the festival last year, many volunteers and friends who had played in heping village missed heping very much and hoped to return to the village for a visit. This year the village of peace is preparing to make a real permanent home on the steppes of assilisi.

Guizhou asirisi tourism development co. LTD

"International peace village" is an international cultural and art village with members from over 80 countries and more than 100 nationalities. This place advocates natural philosophy. "love and peace, freedom and equality" is the common concept of this world family.

What will this new home look like in the future?

 Natural architecture, multi-national cuisine, organic farms, surreal art installations on the grasslands

Use your imagination

In the great plains of assisi

There is one who can tolerate all your unhappy happiness

  Assilisi international village of peace