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The millennium cuckoo flower sea horticulture odd root different stone exhibition notice

The millennium cuckoo flower sea horticulture odd root different stone exhibition notice

何 鑫
2018/06/20 09:21

        For singing "cave ˙ flowers bijie" tourism brand, sponsored by the hezhang county committee propaganda department, hezhang pine slope bai yi miao nationality township people's government to undertake, hezhang article wide bureau, the kiosk in guizhou west tourism development co., LTD., supported by "one thousand cuckoo flowers gardening strange root different stone fair exhibition platform for the gardeners...


I. exhibition time: April 14, 2018 -- April 22, 2018

Ii. Exhibition address: azalea millennium cuckoo scenic area, songlin Po, hezhang county

Iii. Exhibition notes

(1) participants bring their own works (strange stone, root carving, bonsai, etc.) to the exhibition area, and the scenic area provides booths for free.

(2) the works of the participants may be evaluated; There are 10 gold prizes in this exhibition, each of which is 1000 yuan. 20 sides of the silver award, 500 yuan each; The bronze prize is 40 square meters and the bonus is 300 yuan per square.

(3) the exhibition works can be sold in the exhibition area without commission.

The exhibits shall be under the control of the participants themselves, and the participants shall be responsible for any loss or damage.

(v) registration time: from April 3, 2018 to April 10, 2018, participants will enter the exhibition area with the exhibition certificate after registration.


Cuckoo flowers gardening strange root different stone exposition in one thousand aimed to promote cultural tourism brand, promote the academic communication, welcome the masses of horticulture lovers to participate, the guizhou province reserves the right for final interpretation o research in west tourism development co., LTD.