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Jiugu water spring water park announcement

2018/06/23 08:47

Dear friends, how are you!
Thank you for your care and support to the spring water park, which has been loved by the public since its opening to the outside world in June. To provide a good environment and high quality service, to create a more comfortable and warm recreation environment, now the hot spring water paradise on June 26, 2018 - June 30, 2018 to suspend service experience, internal environment renovation. The official opening hours of the park will be posted on the WeChat subscription number of "asily west tourist area"...


        No.1 wave pool, different indoor wave pool

        The indoor wave pool, from the trickle to the surf to the surf, can bring you the comfort of the entire sea, such as family and friends in the floating circle to enjoy the beautiful journey like the waves. The stage of creating wave pool presents various kinds of wonderful music videos for tourists, so that tourists can feel the amorous feelings of asily west from near distance in the warm spring water park!




No.2 super loudspeaker speed and passion design

Project ramp of the experience of the super big horn is the best novel and pleasure, you have to play, the friend family sit a person can sit four clovers type float circles, starting from the four levels of the platform more, like fell by a tornado slipped a sucked through a giant horn, emotional with you in the fastest and loudspeakers will give you a voice to the whole park, show you the most at this moment, is especially suitable for enthusiastic, like to experience new visitors.


A "wet" sleigh barrel slide

        Sled gun barrel slide chute is gallops race facilities, open chute and completely by article 1 of article 1 and a half open chute, tourists lie on the slideway of flying carpet, accelerate rushed to the pool, enjoy the pleasant sensation, flashy competition let's bibi who slip further! It takes skill!



No.4 children's paradise


Children water village by shuicheng, water maze, parent-child chute and paddle area most of the various and colorful cartoon characters, colorful plants and animals, elves fish and so on special effects water theme zone, parents with children to play water gushed. The water maze is decorated with various sea creatures and various children's slides. The splashing of clear water flowers in the big bucket makes the children cool and cool.





No.5 the double raft slides experience different centrifugal force

The two-man raft slide is winding up. Tourists ride in a specially designed two-man floating circle. Through the pipe, they spin and speed up along the way. It is best for men and women to experience together.