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Founded on September 18, 2007, the company is a wholly state-owned enterprise dedicated to the development of tourism and cultural industry in hezhang county.

Scenic Area Introduction

Scenic Area Introduction

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        Guizhou Axilixi Tourism Development Co., Ltd., established on September 18, 2007 and a wholly state-owned enterprise in Hezhang County, is dedicated to the development of tourism and cultural industries. Its business involves investment and construction of tourist attractions, business management, commercial real estate and development of cultural industries. The company currently employs 150 people and has total assets of RMB 3.5 billion.


        The company has just developed and built the following scenic areas:

        ◆ Axilixi Tourist Area.The tourist area is located in the southeastern part of Hezhang County and boasts the world's largest area of ​​wild wallichii up to 10,000 mu (about 6.67 million m2), peak cluster of grassland, thousands of ethnic villages, ten miles of wall highways, and hundreds of Minshuku. The construction projects include Flower Sea Above Cloud, Skiing and Skating, Grassland Train, Self-driving Park, Idyllic Camp, Cliffs Adventures, Tour of The Original Town, and Minshuku & Inn. The Flower Sea Above Cloud is open, and received 800,000 visitors in 2016. Most of parts were open in 2017 and expected to receive 2 million visitors.


        ◆ Yelang Grand Heritage Park.The scenic area is located in Kele Town, Hezhang County. In 2001, the Yelang Ancient Site was named one of top ten archaeological discoveries in China and listed in the first batch of national archaeological site parks. It is known as the “Holy Land for Guizhou Archaeology, and Yinxu of Yelang Bronze Culture”. The construction projects include Yelang Palace, Yelang Ancient City, Coke Ancient Town, Archaeological Site, Yelang Museum and Wetland Park.



        ◆ Jiulong Valley Hot Spring Resort.The scenic area is located in the northern part of Hezhang County. The water flow from the hot springs is 2,800 tons per day and the outlet temperature is 53°C. The content of metasilicic acid far exceeds the national quality standards for medical mineral water. The content of antimony and fluorine meets the national water naming standard for medical mineral water. It is a very rare for high-temperature mineral spring rich in various beneficial elements. The construction projects include Hot Spring Bathing, Rehabilitation Center, And Water Amusement, Water Street and Hot Spring Hotel.


        ◆ Wumeng Guyi Tribal Area. The scenic area is located in the south of Hezhang County. It has China top ten famous summer resorts, the “Rooftop of Guizhou” – little Leek Flat, “the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art” - Zhijie Town and Stone Forest in Sky. The construction projects include the Guyi Holy Mountain, Yi Tribe, Yi Folk Park, Shuanglong Waterfall and Leek Flat River Rafting.



        ◆ Other Scenic areas: There are Yelang Theme Park, Nine Camps and Eighteen Barriers, Plateau Fishing Base, Guda Tiankeng and Swallet Stream, Banqiao Lake, Millennium Azalea Bonsai Garden, Jiaodingshan Tianchi Cluster, Puffin Ecological Museum, and Zhezhuang Dam Red Cultural Tourist Attraction.



        The company will rely on the local cultural and tourism resources, striving to create "Yelang Grand Heritage Park, Axilixi Style" brand and build Hezhang into a world-class cultural and ecological tourism destination, as well as a climate-based health and tourism holiday destination of China.

Climate features 

        Leek Flat Scenic Area is a warm temperate zone with a cool and warm climate. It has low summer temperatures and high altitude, natural geographical features and biodiversity, and is suitable for human life and productive labor. According to statistics, the average temperature in the mountainous area at the altitude of 2000 meters above sea level in summer (June to August) is 17.8-22.4°C. Generally, the maximum temperature is 23-28°C, and the minimum temperature is 16.7-20°C. The days with extremely high temperature above 30°C are very rare, and the summer climate conditions are suitable for summer mountain tourism.


        Travel Tips

        1. The temperature on mountain top is relatively low, about 20°C lower than that of mountain foot. Carry with warm clothing.

        2. Leek Flat is now a place of interest for many mountaineers. If you want to climb, you must bring enough water and high-protein high-calorie foods.